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AWPA U1 Standard Revisions Appealed Due To Lack of Data and Data Omission

Sunbelt Forest Products Appeal AWPA U1 Standard Revisions; Requests Changes Be Rescinded

May 31, 2016, 09:00 ET from Sunbelt Forest Products


BARTOW, Fla., May 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Sunbelt Forest Products has announced that it will file, this week, an appeal of the American Wood Protection Association’s (AWPA’s) recent revisions to the U1 standard for above ground outdoor wood applications. The revision recommends the use of ground contact lumber for outdoor structure components that are “difficult to maintain, repair or replace and are critical to the performance and safety of the entire system construction.”

The appeal to the AWPA’s Executive Committee will be based on the fact that important technical data on product performance was omitted during the presentation on the proposed change.

“The proponents of these changes violated Section 5.5 of the AWPA Technical Committee Regulations requiring revisions be based upon relevant and adequate supporting data and Section 7.3, which requires that proposals to adjust standards be accompanied by a written statement that relevant data was not omitted,” said Ken DelleDonne president of Sunbelt Forest Products. During the presentation, proponents (which use a micronized copper azole treatment system for above ground lumber) showed photos of structural failures with above ground treated wood that they claimed were representative of widespread problems. They did not present actual statistical data to back up these claims, however.

“But this spring, when these same proponents were seeking to have micronized treatment standardized by the AWPA, they were suddenly able to produce data showing its efficacy in above ground applications.  This was in direct contrast to the statements they made during the consideration of the revision, and would have likely materially impacted the outcome of the proposal consideration,” DelleDonne added.

“This was four-year-old data that they certainly were familiar with before the submission of the proposal to modify the U1 standard and that should have been presented during the consideration of its revision,” DelleDonne said.  “According to AWPA bylaws, if data is withheld the proponent should be advised to either provide written explanation as to why the data was withheld or to resubmit the proposal at a later date to include relevant data.”

Any explanation for the data omission would be suspect, he said. “It seems highly unlikely that the same proponent who had only pictures to show during the revision presentation was unaware of the existence of this data that would have created legitimate concerns about the need for any changes in the U1 standard.”

“If the AWPA is going to remain the standard bearer for the pressure treated industry, it must recognize the questions about the validity of these important guidelines, questions that are raised by the omission of key existing data, whether intentional or accidental,” DelleDonne said. “The AWPA’s responsibility is to get the standards right on an industry-changing guideline like this one. We need to reconsider the proposal with all the facts, not just a few pieces of select information.”

Causes for concern: Commercialization, environmental impact and unnecessary costs

Sunbelt Forest Products is also expressing some misgivings about the possible commercialization of the AWPA U1 standard by members who could benefit from the changes. DelleDonne said the issue is important because the revised U1 ground contact standards have caused confusion in the industry and have caused unwarranted price increases. They could also be harmful to the environment long term.

“Some retailers and wood treatment companies appear to be under the mistaken impression that all treated wood used in outdoor applications must meet ground contact standards. But this is not the case,” he continued. Most recently, the AWPA T1 Education Task Force, a subgroup of the Technical Committee, worked in conjunction with the Softwood Lumber Board and Western Wood Preservers Institute to produce an infographic on the recent U1 standard revision that shows very clearly that joists and beams can use lumber treated to UC3B above ground, exterior construction standards.

Despite this graphic, certain producers and suppliers are forcing their retail and contractor customers to switch to all ground-contact wood because they say it is required by the AWPA revision. When only ground contact wood is available, retailers and contractors are forced to pay higher costs not only for the more heavily treated lumber but also for the more robust fasteners required with such wood. There are also environmental concerns, since ground contact lumber contains more copper than wood treated for above ground use.

“Large treaters, representing 70% of the total market, have used this revision as the basis for forcing their customers to all ground contact material, resulting in a 15% increase or more in retail prices,” DelleDonne said. “The rationale for the revisions was said to be misapplication of above ground treated products by consumers, however, our data shows misapplication occurs significantly less than 1% annually, making the revisions unnecessary and a costly correction to a problem that occurs once out of millions of successful installations.”

He also noted that even if there is a problem, it may be related to the type of treatment used for above ground wood. Companies that treat wood with Ecolife, ACQ and CAC have not experienced the quantity of problems that the non- AWPA standardized micronized treatment customers are reporting with their above ground lumber.

There are also concerns about the adoption of the revised AWPA standard by the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). Both serve as the basis for state and local building codes in the U.S. and both reference AWPA Standard U1 in their requirements for deck construction.

“We are on a slippery slope of adding significant cost and environmental implications to the entire building construction industry on a revision based entirely upon irrelevant, incomplete data,” said DelleDonne. “The whole issue needs more discussion–and discussion backed this time by all available hard data.”

Specific requests in appeal

Sunbelt Forest Products will formally request several actions in its appeal of the revision to the Executive Committee:

  • Rescind the AWPA Standard U1 2015 revisions relating to above ground and ground contact due to lack of relevant data and procedural abeyance resulting from data omission
  • Resubmit the revision proposal at a later date including ALL relevant data.
  • Immediately withdraw, prior to official printing, the U1 2015 revisions relating to above ground contact from the AWPA’s 2016 Book of Standards
  • Notify the ICC to withdraw ICC AC326 Revisions as the AWPA U1 standard is in question due to data omission and lack of relevant data.
  • Notify the IBC and IRC that the revisions to AWPA U1 standard is in question due to data omission and lack of relevant data.

The AWPA by-laws state the Executive Committee will give written notification of its decision. Given the immediate ramifications of the proposed revisions, Sunbelt Forest Products is going to request expedited consideration of its appeal.

Sunbelt Forest Products of Bartow, Florida, a wholly owned subsidiary of PalletOne, Inc., is one of the largest pressure treaters in the Southeast. Operating three locations in Alabama and Florida, Sunbelt’s manufacturing capabilities exceed 300 million board feet of pressure treated wood per year.


SOURCE Sunbelt Forest Products


Press Release – Cutek Extreme/ Product of Deck Source Inc.

Move over Survivor!  CUTEK Outlasts and Outperforms the Competition!

Deck Source Inc., the licensed supplier of the CUTEK®  line of products in North America, is thrilled with the results of a study recently released proving beyond a doubt, CUTEK® Extreme really does live up to its reputation for providing outstanding protection for all your beautiful outdoor wood projects.  If you’ve ever heard the expression “your best defense is a good offense” CUTEK® Extreme is your champion offensive line. A superior exterior wood and timber coating protection product, CUTEK® Extreme was voted the overall “top choice” after an exhaustive nine month study as measured against 21 other products! Applying CUTEK® Extreme to your deck (or any outdoor wood project) as an offensive strategy has now been proven scientifically, to be your best defense against the elements.

This study shows what Deck Source Inc. already knew about the value of this exceptional product. CUTEK® Extreme is the first of its kind to work ON ANY WOOD (even green) under ANY CONDITIONS. Kim and Linda Katwijk and Sheena Klien, initiated the study, named The Great Stain Shoot-Out, taking elaborate measures to ensure its veracity. After meticulously applying stain to a variety of woods and in strict adherence to each manufacturer’s directions, CUTEK® Extreme and its competition were left to the elements and then reviewed thoroughly after nine months. The entire study will take two years to complete but nine months was considered the mid-point for publication purposes.  “Most of the contestants didn’t fare particularly well” but “Cutek Extreme seemed to be performing quite well.” The study authors looked at moisture resistance, moisture content, mold formation, weathering and colour, along with the difficulty level of having to reapply stain to the test lumber. All testing took place in Washington State, considered by many area residents to be damp for 9-10 months of the year. Tight controls were in place throughout and you can read the whole article in the September/October issue of Professional Deck Builder Magazine.

Price was also a part of the investigation and here CUTEK® Extreme also scored, when comparing the application cost per square foot. The article ranked Cutek “A top pick,” rated as easy to both apply and reapply with good colour retention and deep penetration throughout all types of wood.  While a little more expensive than some of its competition, as Gerald (Partner, Deck Source Inc.) points out, Cutek outperforms the competition in so many ways for a greater overall return on your investment. Since CUTEK® Extreme is guaranteed to never peel or flake, and no time consuming stripping / sanding needs to be done between applications, the overall cost of using CUTEK® Extreme is in line with, or even less than, its competition. Cutek’s wood stabilizing properties reduce checking, cracking, warping & cupping due to the natural movement of wood as it dries.

Previously, in conversations with Gerald, he and his business partner Dave expressed confidence in bringing Cutek to North America despite the extreme weather conditions faced.  The management team at Deck Masters of Canada Building Supplies, (a specialty supply yard with a focus on the decking industry) “didn’t want to recommend a stain prior to this because nothing really lasted but with CUTEK® Extreme we feel confident.” They had done extensive testing and research of their own over the past four years and willingly committed to standing behind this product. The Great Stain Shoot-Out cements their faith in CUTEK® Extreme as an impressive wood treatment that they highly recommend as your best defense against both time and the elements. With further study results proving that water beaded on contact and because no flaking occurred, we can confidently say CUTEK® Extreme outlasts and outperforms the competition. To find out more about how you can “Preserve and protect with Cutek” contact Deck Source Inc. at 1-844-44-CUTEK (844-442-8835).  Dealers and Distributors wanted.



How to Participate in Deck Safety Month® 

(Article by Deckorators, Chris Camfferman. First appeared in the May issue of Building Products Digest and The Merchant)

3 ways you can do your part to promote safe outdoor living (and potentially expand sales)

May’s warming weather allows homeowners around the country to start spending extended time outside on their decks. Unfortunately, large numbers of those decks are poorly maintained or unsafe — making the structures vulnerable to collapse and putting homeowners and their guests at risk of serious injury.

Deck failures and resulting injuries can be avoided through regular inspection and maintenance of existing decks, and proper installation of new decks. May is national Deck Safety Month®, and represents a perfect opportunity for dealers to do their part to promote safe outdoor living while potentially growing deck sales.

Following are three ways dealers can participate in Deck Safety Month®:

Serve as a safety resource

The nationwide need for proper inspection, maintenance and remodeling of existing decks has never been greater. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), an estimated 50 percent of the 40 million residential decks and 10 million commercial decks in the United States are more than 25 years old.

During Deck Safety Month®, dealers can commit to becoming a true safety resource for customers. Make safety a main talking point with contractors and consumers, and be more intentional about making them aware of advancements in building codes and products. Stock the latest deck components — such as decking, railing and balusters — that can bring structures up to code while adding value to homes.

Get the word out

NADRA declared May 2006 the first Deck Safety Month® and is dedicated to raising awareness for necessary deck safety measures. The organization offers members a Deck Safety Month® toolkit featuring a variety of resources dealers can use to promote making decks safe and code compliant.

Promotional materials featured in past Deck Safety Month® toolkits include inspection checklists, a customizable press release template, a customizable video and a social media content calendar. (Visit www.nadra.org for the latest information on promotional tools available for 2016, including a new mobile application for evaluating decks.) Utilize such resources to increase deck safety awareness among customers and show your company cares about the community.

Offer deck inspections

NADRA offers tools to help homeowners perform their own deck checks, but deck inspection demands professional training, know-how and experience. When looking to identify parts of a deck that require attention, there is no substitute for a professional inspection.

During Deck Safety Month®, consider having select staff members undergo training to achieve professional certification in deck inspection. (NADRA offers inspection training and certification for members.) Offering homeowners deck inspection services not only helps ensure that decks are safe and code compliant, it could also lead to new sales opportunities.

This Deck Safety Month®, dealers have an opportunity to help prevent accidents and injuries associated with improperly maintained or unsafe decks. Consider these three Deck Safety Month® ideas — and come up with creative initiatives of your own — to raise awareness for deck safety and possibly tap into a market of decks that need repair or replacement.

About the Author

Chris Camfferman is the director of category marketing for Universal Forest Products, Inc. Deckorators is a brand of Universal Forest Products and the industry leader in decking, railing, balusters, post caps, lighting and more. For more information on Deckorators, visit deckorators.com.

NADRA’s 2016 Southeast Regional Golf Tournament Brings Industry Pros Together

What a turnout! NADRA had a successful golf tournament on Monday, May 9th at the Brookfield Country Club in Roswell, Georgia. NADRA members showed their support despite the busy time of year. It was quite the competitive event!

The festivities began with handing out custom NADRA coolers to all attendees and a shot gun start at 11am.

Teams took to the greens to play their best and stopped to see what sponsors had put together at each hole.
NADRA National Board Member, Heath Bowman said, “This year’s NADRA golf tournament brought a lot of familiar faces together for a beautiful day to connect and have a good time together. Even more exciting was seeing a handful of new faces, which were a great reminder why we do this: building our community, sharing resources, and ultimately succeeding in business together.”
Thank You, Sponsors:
  • Compton Sales
  • Fiberon
  • Southeastern Underdeck Systems
  • BMC / Stock Building Supply
  • Atlanta Home Show- Cobb Galleria
  • Higginbotham Steel
  • TimberTown Atlanta
  • UltraLox
  • Trex
  • Ultra Aluminum


Thank you to all of our friends listed here,  we could not have pulled off such a fun and well-attended event without all of your support.

Thank you to NADRA members and the Southeast Regional team leaders, Mike Reasons, Kevin Waters, Joel Mooneyham and Joey Matthews.

Thank you Andy Clements for taking photos throughout the day!

A special shout out to Heath Bowman for taking care of beverages & all of your help setting up. You’re by far awarded MVP of the day!

We finished the day with a wonderful awards ceremony.

Two teams finished with a close score:

  • First place came in at 55: Team Outback Deck
  • Second place came in at 58: Team Stewart! 
The Closest to the Pin was awarded to Steve Hopson and Longest Drive was awarded by Chris Szemprich!
Another well attended, successful tournament in the books! We hope to add more sponsors next year and really raise some money for NADRA programs. We loved seeing new faces and hope to see the tournament continue to grow year after year! If you couldn’t make the event in GA, we hope you will join us in Baltimore on October 4th. You can learn all of the details, sponsor and register right HERE.
Until then, happy building season!

At your service,

Your team at NADRA Headquarters

Join us on October 4th in Baltimore! Register HERE.



Chris Camfferman

Director of Category Marketing – Outdoor Living, Home and Décor




Deckorators® Introduces New Deck Visualizer
to Inspire Extraordinary Deck Designs

Grand Rapids, Mich., May 17, 2016 – Deckorators®, a brand of the Universal Forest Products, Inc. (Nasdaq: UFPI) family of companies, is pleased to introduce an all-new Deck Visualizer to help inspire extraordinary deck designs. The powerful virtual deck design tool enables professionals and homeowners to explore design ideas and create vivid previews of personalized dream decks.

Available for free at deckorators.com/deckvisualizer, the Deckorators Deck Visualizer goes beyond the ordinary design program. Using the highly intuitive and interactive tool, pros and their customers can:

  • Choose from the complete lineup of Deckorators composite decking, railings, balusters, post caps and more to design a deck.
  • Design in 2D for exact measurements or toggle to 3D to view the deck from all angles.
  • Select different backdrops for the deck, add furniture and even upload a photo of the home for reference.
    • Utilize versatile design capabilities such as picture framing, different board angles, unique shapes and multi-level options.
    • Pull a full report of the design, including installation tips and a complete job materials list.
    • Create and save multiple projects, and log in to continue designing at any time.

Usable on virtually any computer, the new Deck Visualizer is one of many inspirational resources available on the newly redesigned deckorators.com. A photo gallery and Lifestyle page serve to ignite customer ideas for extraordinary outdoor living spaces, while an educational blog offers useful tips from product experts and news on the latest industry trends.

“Today’s homeowners want outdoor living spaces that are a true reflection of who they are,” said Chris Camfferman, director of category marketing. “Our new Deckorators Deck Visualizer makes it easy for pros and their clients to bring those unique visions to life. As a brand that’s committed to being on the leading edge of design innovation, we’re very excited to launch this valuable design tool.”

Deckorators is the leading brand in composite decking, railings, balusters, post caps and more. For more information, visit deckorators.com.

About Deckorators

Deckorators, the first name in deck railing and accessories and the originator of the round aluminum baluster, is a brand of Universal Consumer Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Universal Forest Products, Inc. Deckorators started the low-maintenance aluminum balusters category with the Classic Series and has since led the industry with many new and innovative deck railing accessory products. Its approach to developing exciting and distinct deck products allows both DIYers and builders the opportunity to express personal creativity on their deck, as they do in their homes.

To learn more about Deckorators railing and railing accessories, visit www.deckorators.com or call 800-332-5724.

Follow Deckorators on Twitter: @Deckorators
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Deckorators
YouTube: www.youtube.com/DeckoratorsProducts
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/deckorators


Universal Forest Products, Inc. is a holding company with subsidiaries throughout North America and in Australia that supply three robust markets: retail, construction and industrial. Founded in 1955, the Company is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich. For more information about Universal Forest Products, Inc., or its affiliated operations, go to www.ufpi.com.




CONTACT: Brad Rodgers

Phone: 765-396- 3143

Email: Brad@brbrickbracket.com

Website: www.brbrickbracket.com

“BR Brick Bracket” now available for purchase in lumberyards and through online website

Deck Ledger Fastener For Masonry Veneer

Applications Now Available!

Indianapolis IN – The BR Brick Bracket LLC Company announced that their patented deck ledger fastener for masonry and stucco veneer finishes is now available for purchase. Brad Rodgers,inventor and company owner of the BR Brick Bracket LLC and also owner of RBR Decks LLC (a local outdoor living
space company since 1985) told us, “The response has been excellent from local code officials in several different jurisdictions of their acceptance of this alternative engineering method for attaching a deck ledger we implemented in my outdoor living space business.” Rodgers started working on the BR Brick Bracket 4 years ago this month when challenged by a vice president of construction for a national builder to come up with a better plan, better than what most have been doing as they tried many different ways to get the deck ledger installed in the masonry and stucco exterior finish scenarios. Many
were using pressure treated wood blocks, doubled up ledgers or installing the deck frame and laying the brick around the floor joists. Also, those doubled up deck ledgers, wood blocks or floor joists will need replaced in years to come.

This could create a situation on re-builds in the future after the pressure treated wood has reached its service life. With that in mind, Rodgers started looking at making aluminum or hot dipped galvanized versions of the bracket that would have a long service life. After seeing composite materials used by many design engineers in structural components, Rodgers said, “It clicked with me… make the bracket from a composite material that will last many decades and make it in the U.S.A.” Rodgers was able to connect with a Washington State University composite guru and began testing on composites. When the results were completed, Rodgers said, “That’s when we knew we had a part that will last! It’s been a long, challenging road but getting to do initial lab testing on the same apparatus used and work with the same people that helped author the deck ledger code we use, was a blast! Especially that long awaited first day of actual lab testing when the first assembled test scenario was complete and the loads reached into the thousands of lbs.!! The bracket tested extremely well and we knew we had engineered and designed a great fastener.” RBR Decks (Rodgers’ other business) being associated and working with large national and regional builders such as CalAtlantic Homes(name is a result of the merge of Standard Pacific Homes and Ryland Homes,)Fischer Homes, Pulte Homes, Drees Homes, Westport Homes and many Indy based custom builders, has helped him get traction across the country for use of his bracket. Rodgers also explained that he is currently working to wholesale brackets with lumber suppliers in Atlanta, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and possibly others to provide brackets to those local and national builders, and has been signed up as a wholesale vendor with lumber suppliers already.

Rodgers expressed that when he can get a quote from a client such as CalAtlantic Homes for his customer testimonials on his website stating: “Finally… A solution to the issue of deck attachment through brick! This product does it all; it supports the deck, attaches to the structure tightly and is weather tight. A very professional, cost effective way to overcome this challenging code issue. I am very pleased with the bracket and we will use thousands of them on our homes going forward.” it is huge for the potential sales growth of the bracket and the kind of encouragement he needs to continue marketing the bracket. Go to www.brbrickbracket.com to view customer testimonials, installation video, laboratory testing, photo gallery and more.

N E W S   R E L E A S E

DATE:                 May 10, 2016

CONTACT:          Jim Groff, 717.852.4842jcgroff@wolfleader.com




Updated look highlights company’s independent streak and “forward-looking” spirit

(YORK, Pa.) — Wolf Home Products spent the past several years transforming itself into a platform for growth and innovation. Now, it has a new look to match.

Wolf Home Products unveiled its new logo recently — part of a wide-ranging rebranding effort that will amplify Wolf’s strengths in the marketplace as it refreshes the company’s most visible representation. Wolf Home Products delivers Wolf-branded lines and other high-quality cabinetry and building materials to more than 4,000 dealers.

The company’s new logo features a clean design, a dominant “W,” and its signature “howling wolf” silhouette — a symbol that dually represents Wolf’s independent streak and its commitment to independent building materials dealers.

Wolf President and CEO Craig Danielson said the new logo captures the company’s innovation and forward-looking spirit.  The rebranding will also continue to boost Wolf’s profile among contractors and homeowners, who have fueled the company’s recent growth.

“Wolf has successfully established itself as a leading supplier of American-made products available through independent dealers. Our Wolf-branded product lines have enabled us to rapidly expand our geographical footprint,” Danielson said. “This is the ideal time to introduce a new look-and-feel that represents the spirit of a company on the move.”

The rebranding effort is the company’s first in years and the most extensive in decades for a company with roots that stretch back to 1843. In the coming months, the rebranding effort will extend to Wolf product packaging, sales materials, a new company website, displays, and much more.

The company currently delivers a wide range of Wolf-branded lines, including decking, railing, kitchen cabinets, vanity tops, trim and moulding, and more. Wolf Home Products continuously seeks to expand and modify its product offerings to meet the needs of independent dealers and the contractors they serve.

For more information on the company, visit wolfhomeproducts.com.

#   #   #

Wolf Home Products supplies kitchen and bath, outdoor living and building products using its innovative business model. With more than 170 years of experience and a vast inventory of high-quality products, Wolf strives to accurately deliver orders in a fraction of the time to ensure unparalleled satisfaction and value. For more information, go to wolfhomeproducts.com.

News Release

Contact: Michael Beaudry
NADRA Executive VP

May is Deck Safety Month® – Deck Safety Tips for Homeowners

QUAKERTOWN, PA – The North American Deck and Railing Association declared May as Deck Safety Month®. NADRA’s Campaign for deck safety awareness is an effort to promote outdoor living in a beautiful and safe environment. During Deck Safety Month® the experts at NADRA are offering safety tips for homeowners and encouraging you to Check Your Deck®.

“It’s springtime and we all want to get out and enjoy our decks,” says Bob Lett, vice president of national sales for WOLF Home Products. “NADRA wants to help keep homeowners safe. Deck maintenance means so much more than just cleaning your deck. It means making sure your entire deck structure is in good, safe order. Just like your car, you need to evaluate, ‘tune up’ and keep your deck in safe operating condition on a regular basis. These checklists from NADRA can help you do just that.”

A key element to enjoying your deck for years to come is making sure it is safe. NADRA’s “10-Point Consumer Safety Checklist” is an efficient way to take a good look at the different parts of your deck, with an eye to what might need maintenance, repair or replacement. The checklist can be found at http://bit.ly/NADRA10PointConsumerChecklist.

Homeowners should consider a professional deck inspection. “A professional inspector will thoroughly examine your deck, provide information on your deck’s capacity limits, identify any dangerous problem areas and give you some insight of what to keep your eye on in the future,” says Beaudry. NADRA provides industry professionals with a Deck Evaluation Form that is available here: http://bit.ly/NADRADeckEvaluationForm, along with a new online Deck Evaluation Form (Beta Test). This is the latest iteration of NADRA’s Deck Evaluation Form. It’s easy to use and allows deck professionals the ability to save and print deck inspection results. The online form includes inspection items such as stairs, footings, beams/joists, ledger, boards/surface, rails/guards and more. Visit CheckYourDeck.org to test it out.

“We recommend ASHI-certified home inspectors or a knowledgeable deck builder for inspections of older decks,” says Beaudry. “Our NADRA member deck builders are required to adhere to a code of ethics and comply with state licensing and insurance requirements. This brings peace of mind to homeowners using our NADRA members.”

Deck inspection requires special knowledge, expertise and experience. To find a professional deck builder and inspector, please visit www.NADRA.org.

The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the necessity for regular inspection and maintenance of existing decks and proper installation of new decks. For more information visit www.NADRA.org


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   

For more information, contact:

Ed Rys, Jr.                                                       or        Glen Becker
Ultra Aluminum                                                        Becker Marketing Group
Tel: (800) 656-4420                                                 Tel: (363) 284-7284
E-mail: edr@ultraaluminum.com                        E-mail: glen@beckermg.com


Ultra Aluminum Announces New Code-Approved Aluminum

Kit Railing System and Official Listing in Report Number CCRR-0223

Howell, MI – April 19, 2016 –Ultra Aluminum, a leader in the manufacturing of factory-assembled low-maintenance aluminum fencing, railing and gates, today announced the broadening of its product offering with the introduction of a new CCRR-Code Approved ready-to-build boxed aluminum railing program. The new line, called Ultra Max™ has met stringent 3rd party audit and testing requirements.

Ultra Aluminum reports that their new kit railing systems comply with the standards established by Intertek (www.archtest.com). The complete Ultra Max line of low-maintenance aluminum railing is officially listed in report number CCRR-0223. Ultra Max railing is made from Ultrum™ 2X-TRUSION 6005-T5 alloy which tests at a minimum ultimate strength of 35,000 psi.

“Receiving Code Approval puts us in a small group of kit railing manufacturers that can meet AC-273 Standards in multi-family and commercial applications,” says Edward Rys Jr., General Manager of LBM/Railing Division. “The railing program is also introducing our new two-piece bracket system and XACTemplate, which make it very easy to consistently locate and fasten brackets on the posts, and drop the railing in.”

Ultra Max Railing is the perfect addition to porches, decks or walkways. This easy-to-build railing kit provides safety and high quality at a more reasonable price.

Ultra Max offers level and stair rail kits, as well as 6” and 8” Column Wrap and Newel Post Kits, Gates, Arbors, Eclipse™ Privacy Panels, and Juliette Balcony kits.  They all work together to form a custom look and feel that will work well with most home, light commercial and landscaping designs.

Ultra Aluminum Mfg., Inc. is located in Howell, Michigan, and operates a
state-of-the-art manufacturing plant which produces only the highest quality powder coated ornamental aluminum and steel fencing, railing and gates, as well as state-of-the-art access control systems, for virtually any residential or commercial application.

All fence and railing products are 100% made and sourced in the USA and carry a lifetime warranty. More information is available from their website @ www.ultrafence.com


Contact: Michael Beaudry
NADRA Executive VP

 AWPA and ICC Approve New Treated Wood Standards

ICC-ES AC326 - The  ICC final effective date of implementation is July 15, 2016.

Quakertown, PA (February 16th, 2016) Many of you may or may not be aware of the discussions that have been taking place regarding potential changes to Treated Wood Standards moving many structural and critical items to a Ground Contact treatment retention level.

Those New Standards have now passed the AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) and the ICC (International Code Council). The ICC final effective date of implementation is July 15, 2016.

NADRA’s mission is to provide a unified source for the professional development, promotion, growth, and sustenance of the Deck and Railing building industry in North America so that members can exceed the expectations of their customers.

This mission includes the promotion of proper deck construction, deck safety and ultimately serving the best interest of the consumer. While the Association is made up of professionals from all industry segments, we are aware that consumers use a significant amount of treated wood in DIY projects. The consumer is usually not knowledgeable enough to be able to know the proper uses for which treated wood product they are buying and therefore misuse and misapplication can occur.

Ground Contact treatment is necessary for physically above-ground material when:

  • Soil or other debris may build up and stay in contact with the wood
  • There is insufficient ventilation to allow air circulation around the wood
  • Material is installed <6 inches above the ground
  • Material is installed in contact with non-durable untreated or older construction with any evidence of decay
  • Wood is subject to frequent or recurring wetting
  • Wood is used in tropical climates
  • The wood is both:
    • Difficult to maintain, repair or replace and
    • Critical to the performance and safety of the entire system

Joists and beams for decks and docks fit both of these final criteria and therefore require Ground Contact treatment. Other Ground Contact applications include Ledgers, Posts, Step Stringers and Decking used at Ground Level and on Walkways.

ICC-ES AC326 Sample Table - The ICC final effective date is July 15, 2016

NADRA looks forward to the implementation of the New Standards as a step forward in the industry to providing those who enjoy Outdoor Living with a better, safer improved product and experience.

If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding these changes, please fill out the online form found HERE

Please visit www.NADRA.org to learn more about your Association, it’s mission, education and services that it provides to industry professionals and consumers.


NADRA is made up of deck builders, inspectors, manufacturers, dealers/distributors, wholesalers, retailers, lumberyards, outdoor living professionals and service providers to the deck and railing industry. By working together, we can be one voice for the industry and deliver a clear message to the consumer and the code development bodies. NADRA serves as a trade association with emphasis on safe building practices, and deck safety.


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