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We had a great turn out last night at The Ivy in Buckhead Georgia.  As the crowd of 40 plus people shuffled in we had some time for to socialize and gather our food and beverages. The meeting started at 6:15 and it was so nice to see our members as well and a few new faces!

We started by going over the Anti-trust Statement. Ginny Tibbets then went over the minutes and we got down to business with the evening sponsor Weyerhaeuser. Mark Barbour talked briefly about his company and then talked about a new product Resysta that they have had some great success with. Jan Spittleburg from JSphotoFX was our guest speaker; Jan gave our members a great schooling on photography.

We quickly went over chapter business, and then the night took a different turn form our usual meeting. Mike Reasons our Atlanta Vice President and I participated in NADRA’s first Deck for a Soldier Ice Bucket Challenge. I challenged Kirk Hammond, Mike Beaudry, and Bill Ross from the National Board. Mike Reasons Challenged: Kevin Waters, Heath Bowman, and David Elenbaum from our local chapter.  The time is ticking and I look forward to seeing how viral this Challenge gets!


Goal of the Challenge:

Click the image to watch video

Rules / Details:

  • Donate $100 to NADRA, to help raise awareness for our Deck for a Soldier Program
  • Video yourself participating in the D4S Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Send Check to:
    • NADRA Headquarters (please make check payable to “NADRA”)
    • P.O. Box 829 Quakertown, PA 18951
  • Online portal will be open soon to accept credit cards – stay tuned.
  • You have 48 hours to complete
  • Nominate (3) other people to participate in the challenge
  • Use Hashtag #D4SIceBucketChallenge
  • Have fun!

“NADRA, doing things for the right reason,

and having fun doing them!”



Challenge Accepted:

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What a great night!


James Gunning, Atlanta Chapter President and Your NADRA Atlanta Board of Directors

The New Jersey Chapter of NADRA has created a fun program for their members. At each meeting, members put their names in a hat and one lucky winner is chosen to be marketed via social media. But not just that; the winning member is also highlighted here on NADRA’s blog AND in the industry weekly news brief! NADRA’s National Facebook page also promotes the spotlight winner.

We are excited to spotlight this months winner: Robert Lascelle, professional deck builder and owner of My Deck.com.

We wanted to learn a little more about Robert. Here is what he told us:

  1. How long have you been a member of NADRA? 6 years
  2. When did you first get involved with this industry? I started my business in March of 1986
  3. What was your first job? I worked on the Clinton Township road department while I was going to college in the evenings.
  4. What was the first thing you ever built? I built a really cool Lego house that took me months to build. It was pretty large and one of the best features was the deck that wrapped around it.
  5. Tell us a little about your family. I have a beautiful wife Lisa and two children Cory 15 and Brooklyn 8. My wife is an operating engineer for local 825. Cory will be a sophomore at Central high school and enjoys playing football. Brooklyn will be entering third grade at Franklin Township School. She also enjoys playing football and loves arts and crafts and has recently taken up sewing.
  6. What is your favorite hobby? I enjoy being on the water boating. I grew up in the summers on the water and have always owned a boat.
We know that your contractor matters — that’s why we created the WOLF PRO training program. WOLF PROs are trained on the proper installation of WOLF products and can offer homeowners an exclusive extended warranty. We’ve trained more than 470 WOLF PROs nationwide. Watch the video below to hear from NADRA builders:

Click image to watch video

Click image to watch video

Click image to watch video

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FehrMark is proud to announce that we are the NEW owners/manufacturers of  UNDERDECK, the original “Underdeck” drainage system

UNDERDECK, the original, attaches to the underside of a new or existing elevated deck turning the area below into a clean and bright usable space.

UNDERDECK is the original “underdeck” system and remains the market leader because of its quality and architectural design.  The company has been in business for over 15 years and is distributed throughout the United States.

Please check out their website at www.Underdeck.com

PO Box 89, 1341 Long Run Road

Friedensburg, PA 17933

Phone:  (888)-353-3347

Fax (570)739-4424

Email:  FehrMark.Sales@verizon.net


Is the composite decking industry in need of a labeling program that rates the performance of individual deck board products?

The North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), Quakertown, Pennsylvania, believes that it is. Not only is the deck industry in vital need of such a program, according to Mike Beaudry, executive vice president of the association, the time to move forward is now.

Based on this belief, the association is currently seeking active industry support for a Consumer Product Awareness Charter (CPAC) program, first proposed at an industry conference over two years ago, that calls for testing, product performance rating, independent validation and product labeling for all composite decking. The proposed decking label program is being modeled after the performance rating system of the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), which rates the performance of fenestration products in such areas as solar heat gain and light transmittance. CPAC test protocols are being developed and the program currently envisions testing decking products on solar retention, fade, end and edge swell, and slip resistance.

CPAC Label
Solar Retention – Degrees/Fahrenheit 100 to 170
Fade – Delta/E 1 to 10
End Swell/Edge Swell – Percentage 0 to 5
Slip-Resistance – Coefficient of Friction (COF) Best to Worst

“Right now, the decking industry has nothing,” says Beaudry. Consumers, he says, have to rely on the good faith of manufacturers. There are no validated performance ratings that would allow buyers to easily compare product features and select the most appropriate product for their intended use.

“Our goal,” Beaudry adds, “is to create an industry label that rates product performance features,
educates consumers so they can make knowledgeable product selections, and becomes a recognized seal of approval or quality. We want to promote the position to consumers that if you don’t see the CPAC label on the back of the board, don’t buy it.”

Is product labeling really necessary? Most players in the deck industry seem to agree that a performance labeling program would support the long term growth of the composite decking industry. The question is: does the industry really need it at this point.

For deck dealers and deck builders, the answer is a resounding, yes!
“We absolutely need it,” says David Elenbaum, owner of DeckStore in Simpsonville, S.C., and co-chair of the CPAC program effort. “It’s critically important to the consumer. I own a store where we sell eight different brands of products. People walk in and they want to know the performance differences, not only between brands, but between the product lines from a specific manufacturer. If they’re looking for a composite deck for around a swimming pool, they want to know which products offer the highest slip resistance. If their deck will receive lots of sunshine, they’re looking for products that have lower solar retention characteristics. We don’t have the data to help them make a decision. All we can do is give them a brochure and tell them to pick out a color.”
Deck dealers and builders are saying that a performance
rating system would be extremely useful in directing
consumers to products that best meet their specific needs,
whether it be the best deck product for a pool deck, or
the most appropriate choice for a south facing project.
The industry marketing literature in this regard, admits Lanny Jass, president of Green Bay Decking in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is “completely unhelpful.” A performance rating program, Jass believes, would be a huge positive. “Such a program is way overdue,” he says. “Standardize a set of tests for every deck product, certify the results and make them public.”
Read full article HERE
Our next Chapter meeting will be held next Tuesday, August 19th at 5:30pm. Please register for the meeting by clicking HERE. A special thank you to Mark Barbour from Weyerhaeuser for sponsoring this meeting!

I am looking forward to our next chapter meeting. This summer has been a very busy one for all of our members. I appreciate everyone taking the time out of their busy schedules so we can unite as an industry and learn about new products that Weyerhaeuser has to offer, some great photo and staging tips from Jan Stittleburg @ JSPhotoFX.com, and we will quickly go over chapter business. As you all recall we did not do any chapter business at our very well attended Table Top Event . I look forward to sharing the evening with my fellow NADRA members and thank you each of for focusing on bringing guests.


* Please bring cash or check to pay at the door. ($10 / NADRA Members – $15 / Non-Members – First-time guests! get in at no charge) 


James Gunning

Atlanta Chapter President

PS: Here is a photo of all of our past presidents taken at our last chapter meeting!

We hope to have a great attendance! Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Please click HERE to register


James Gunning, Atlanta Chapter President
& Your NADRA Atlanta Board of Directors

You’re Invited to NADRA’s Golf Tournament!

To kick off NADRA’s 10th Anniversary Celebration at the DeckExpo in Baltimore this year, you’re invited to join us at Mountain Branch Golf Course for a FUN FILLED afternoon on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014 which includes, Transportation from NADRA’s Hotel headquarters (Days Inn), Round of Golf with cart, Lunch, Beverages, Dinner and a chance to win at 3 closest to the pin, 2 longest drives and one hole in one. Sign up early to be sure to secure a spot. You can make your own foursome or tell us who you would like to golf with and we will do our best to pair you with that person. Scramble format. Sponsorships available.  Click HERE to learn more.  Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. IT’S GOING TO BE A BLAST and what a better way to start one heck of  a celebration?!! We hope you will join us!

Golf Tournament Sponsorships Available: (Sample of sponsor form. Download complete form HERE)

N E W S   R E L E A S E

DATE:  August  5, 2014 

CONTACT:  David Richwine, 717.495.3774, dave@beelercommunications.com / www.wolfleader.com


New exclusive warranty includes labor on WOLF PRO decking and railing projects for up to five years 

(York, Pa.) — WOLF Home Products today introduced its WOLF PRO Extended Warranty, which offers industry-leading protection for homeowners. Customers who select a WOLF PRO to install their WOLF decking or railing project benefit from an expanded warranty that covers the cost of all parts and labor if the products fail within five years of the installation.

WOLF PROs are decking and railing contractors who have completed an extensive training program that includes hands-on installation training and details on product maintenance. There are currently over 300 WOLF PROs across 12 East Coast states.

The WOLF PRO Warranty offers coverage in addition to WOLF’s  25-year Stain & Fade warranty on its popular PVC and composite decking lines, which guarantees that all of WOLF’s deck boards will retain their colors  for 25 years under regular usage.

WOLF Home Products develops and manufactures WOLF-branded decking, railing, trim, cabinets, bath furniture, and other product lines. WOLF Home Products is an affiliate of WOLF, the largest supplier of kitchen cabinets in the U.S. and a leading provider of composite and PVC decking, railing, trimboards and other building products.

To read the full details on the WOLF Pro Warranty and the WOLF Pro program, visit http://www.wolfhomeproducts.com/installation-warranty/

#  #   #

 About WOLF   WOLF provides kitchen and bath cabinetry and building materials, marketing and sales support and financial services exclusively to independent dealers in 33 states in the Eastern and Midwestern U.S. Since its founding in 1843, York, Pa.-based WOLF has evolved into a sourcing company that offers American-made, WOLF-branded products and other high-quality product lines.  Learn more about WOLF at www.wolfleader.com and www.wolfhomeproducts.com

From the President:

Last night was an excellent meeting, we had over 30 attendees. In fact we had 33 people attend.

What pleased me the most was the blend of builders vs. distributor’s vs. manufactures vs. retailers.

It was an awesome mix of all levels of the channel.

I stayed on task at all times with the agenda and the meeting flowed very efficiently. I gave everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves and give a blurb about what they do. We had over 10 new attendees at this meeting so I wanted to ensure everyone knew who was present in the room.

Our sponsor Fastenmaster did an absolute wonderful presentation. In place of just talking about fasteners they explained ways to utilize social media thru their company. Certainly an opportunity for builders & retailers to create value for themselves. They offered our members a few nice opportunities to not only self-promote but to earn some free product. Again it was wonderful information for all levels present at the meeting.

On the heels of that presentation we had Rich Largman, Empire of Hope www.empireofhope.com discuss how he helps many mid-size businesses define their goals. He helps them to identify how they can work on their business rather than in their business. He also did a fantastic job of offering some wonderful goal setting advice. He even had a hand out where we had to list our goals for the next 6 months. Wonderful tools and suggestions for us all to apply to our businesses.

Both the sponsor and speaker tied together wonderfully making this a value packed meeting.

My plan in becoming President was to create substantial value in the meetings that I believe was met last night.

Prior to the close of the meeting we discussed helping a 17 year old quadriplegic who needs a wheelchair ramp desperately, all were in favor of us exploring this idea.

We had some volunteers step up for committees that we will look to continue to modify or add to as we move forward.

Some discussion focused on our next meeting place and we tabled the location but confirmed that date.

Overall I could not be happier or more pleased with the attendance and the excellent feedback I have received on how last night’s meeting went.

I look forward to moving at a good pace with more value packed meetings in the future.


Your NADRA New Jersey President, Lainie Sleppin

Fiberon announces Martin Weiss and his family as the winners of the first Deck Day Giveaway video contest.

The Weiss family will take home a $20,000 composite decking outdoor living space.

NEW LONDON, NORTH CAROLINA, July 29th, 2014—With tens of thousands of votes and social media shares, the Deck Day Giveaway video contest has officially come to a close. Martin Weiss submitted the winning entry.

With a video that highlights how he and his family enjoy their outdoor living space every day, Martin’s submission is both fun and meaningful. With quirky humor spliced with touching family moments, the winning video shines the spotlight on what Fiberon is all about—having fun and spending time with others.

When the contest officially kicked off, Fiberon asked submitters to answer a question with a video response. That question: “what is your favorite memory of your outdoor living space?”

For Martin Weiss and his family, the answer is “everything.” From gardening and father-and-son playtime to grill outs and dog tricks, the Weiss family truly gets the most out of their deck. As the video shows, all the hours the family spent on their outdoor living space resulted in wear-and-tear.

The Weiss family had a wood deck, and after a few years of making memories, the boards began to splinter, the nails began to pop out, and mold grew on the railings. Now that Martin Weiss will receive a new composite decking outdoor living space, his family can spend all the time they want out there without worrying about depreciation.

According to Edie Kello, Director of Marketing Communications for Fiberon, the Deck Day Giveaway video contest affirmed that the composite decking product gives families opportunities to spend time together in a beautiful space without having to worry about splinters and rotting, or having to stain or paint the deck and rails every year.

“It’s not about home improvement with [Fiberon]. Our composite decking gives families more time to enjoy outdoor living —whether that’s watching the dogs play in the backyard, going for a swim, or relaxing after a hard day at the office. These videos were a joy to watch, and we appreciate the time and creativity the contestants put in to making these videos. ”

Martin Weiss’ submission was declared the winner through user voting. Many homeowners spent time and energy putting together their videos, and the voting often shifted back and forth.

To watch all the videos, including the Martin Weiss submission, visit the official Deck Day page at www.deckday.fiberondecking.com.


About Fiberon

Fiberon is a leading manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing, and fencing products available around the globe. Through cutting-edge, American-based manufacturing, Fiberon has created new benchmarks for innovation in outdoor living products. The company is a leader in sustainable practices, with innovative manufacturing processes that capture 98.5% of waste materials, and divert 50,000 tons of wood and plastic from landfills each year. Fiberon, a proud sponsor of NADRA (North American Deck and Railing Association), is privately owned with operations in North Carolina and Idaho. For more information, visit www.fiberondecking.com and follow Fiberon on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.