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We will become what we magnify!

By: Kevin Jackson


Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard, you are what you eat. However, no one talks about you will become what you magnify. So, let’s take a few minutes to challenge our thinking.

Consider this:

  • Negativity will always breed negativity. Positive thinking is an everyday choice that will change the outcome of your life, your decisions and your success.
  • Hate will always generate more hate. Whether you hate a person, place or thing, this is a conscience decision that carries residual effects. If a state of love for something or someone seems out of the question, take baby steps to better understand, to better communicate or to better accept flexibility and change.
  • Always provide value. If you are not providing value you are not providing anything! Magnify the “what’s in it for me” for your customers, your clients, your friends, your spouse, your families and your communities. Never directly sell anything, but always solve problems, fill voids and change lives and situations for the better.
  • Magnify abundance over lack, but realize true abundance is not often what society leads us to believe it is. Live life with open palms. Give freely, but with discernment. Share your talents, your time, your gifts, your passion and your purpose. Did you know that true abundance is deeply rooted in contentment? News flash!! The world and what it offers is not all about you. When you give with the right heart, many things will be given back to you, magnified!

These small pointers, along with your commitment to continuous improvement every day will take you further to living within your purpose, possibility and promise.

As we welcome in 2017, I wish you nothing but peace, perseverance and prosperity. Always remember that we decide what we magnify and what we magnify is what we will become! Choose wisely my friends.


Contact: MoistureShield Editor’s Desk
Brandner Communications
(253) 661-7333

MoistureShield® Composite Decking Adds New England’s Mid-State Lumber to an Ever-Expanding Network of Distributors

Springdale, Arkansas
January 4, 2017

To meet increasing demand in New England, MoistureShield is extending distribution by beginning a partnership with Mid-State Lumber, which will be servicing Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire from its Warwick, New York location. Mid-State will carry MoistureShield’s full line of high performance decking including cap stock and wood-plastic composite collections.

“Demand for MoistureShield is constantly growing in the Northeastern region of the country and New England,” said Brent Gwatney, Senior Vice President for MoistureShield Composite Decking. “In order to better serve our customers in the area, we are excited to partner with Mid-State Lumber, who is known for their quality product offering and excellent customer service.”

Mid-State Lumber is a local and regional wholesaler of building material products for the retail lumber dealer, and has been in operation since 1976. Offering a broad choice of lumber, decking, and stepping products, Mid-State’s customer base spans the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. Mid-State operates three full service facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Commodity inventories are maintained in several Eastern seaboard re-load centers.

MoistureShield composite decking is the only composite tough enough to be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater while still being protected by the industry’s leading lifetime residential warranty. MoistureShield’s family of outdoor living products offers the right option to fit every backyard. Homeowners can choose from several high-performance composite decking and railing lines, as well as complete their deck design with MoistureShield Deck Lights, MoistureShield Deck Clips and Pro Aluminum Railing. Built to be tough, yet beautiful, all MoistureShield products inspire carefree living while making a statement.

For more information on MoistureShield products, visit moistureshield.com. Follow MoistureShield on popular social networks for deck design inspiration and outdoor living ideas.

About Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (A.E.R.T.):
Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc., (A.E.R.T.) trades on the OTCQB venture stage marketplace for early stage and developing U.S. and international companies. The development of new technologies and patents has enabled it to manufacture superior composite products from recycled wood fiber and recycled polyethylene plastic for the building and construction markets. A.E.R.T. is the exclusive manufacturer of MoistureShield® composite decking and outdoor living accessories. Investors can find Real-Time quotes and market information for AERT on www.otcmarkets.com. Details about MoistureShield products can be found at www.moistureshield.com





January 4th, 2017 UPDATE: 

The NADRA Consumer Product Awareness Committee (CPAC) has been working diligently and is making very good progress in the creation of the Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS).  The current CPAS draft contains three main metrics for testing and providing performance ratings for deck boards:

  • Slip Resistance
  • Fade Resistance
  • Swell and Water Absorption Resistance

The overall intent of this program is to provide the consumer with simple, straight-forward information to assist in their deck board selection and to provide the industry with a standardized rating system for aspects of particular interest to consumers which are beyond the requirements of a certification program.

The current goal is to have the initial release of the CPAS ready for the next NADRA meeting in April.  If anyone would like to contribute by providing ideas, data, or input regarding the CPAS please contact Michael Beaudry at 215-804-6679 or mbeaudry@nadra.org.  Your support is very beneficial to the continued advancement of this program, thank you!


October 21, 2016 UPDATE:

Special Note to All Interested Parties:

The Consumer Product Awareness Committee (CPAC) was created to work in conjunction with NADRA and NTA to develop and implement an association sponsored labeling program for deck board products, which are already in a certification program.  This labeling program will be based on the Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS), which is currently under development.


The overall intent of this program is to provide the consumer with simple, straight-forward information to assist in their deck board selection and to provide the industry with a standardized rating system for aspects of particular interest to consumers which are beyond the requirements of a certification program.


The notes below from the most recent CPAC meeting and all future notes from the CPAC meetings will be provided to NADRA membership to allow any interested parties to provide data, ideas, or input to facilitate the creation of the CPAS with the best information possible to benefit the deck board industry.  Thank you in advance for your support, which will be very beneficial to the continued advancement of this program.


RE:  CPAC Call Notes and Agenda for Next Meeting


Dear NADRA CPAC Committee Members & Organizers:


Thank you for participating in the CPAC Committee conference Call on Thursday October 20, 2016.  A summary of key points from this call is provided below:

  • Committee members on the call:
    • Robert Rottinghaus – UFP
    • Paul Beulileu – Green Bay Decking
  • Committee members absent:
    • John Burkhart – Westech
  • Anti-Trust Statement
    • Stated, “We all agree that we have read and understand the anti-trust statement provided on the Google Drive”.  The anti-trust statement will be read in full when any new members participate in a call.
  • Voted on the acceptance of the notes from the previous meeting.
    • Motion to accept the notes – Robert R.
      • Motion seconded – Paul B.
      • Votes: 2 Yes, 0 No
  • Voted on the acceptance of the following Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS) Sections:
    • 4: Performance Requirements
      • 4.3: Swell and Water Absorption Resistance
        • Added a possible water absorption (%) scale to the CPAS and a third line item for water absorption (%) after a 14 day immersion.  These are highlighted in the draft CPAS for further discussion.
        • Discussed the length of time for the water immersion of specimens.  ASTM D1037, Section 23, Method B specifies 24 hours.  Some options brought up were:
          • Requiring a 24 hour test and a 14 day test and determining a performance rating for each then averaging the two rating to obtain the performance rating to be displayed.
          • Performing just a longer duration test or just the 24 hour test.
          • Paul is going to perform some trial tests and share the results during the next meeting to discuss before voting.
    • 5: Test Methods
      • 5.2: Fade Resistance
        • Discussed the use of cycle 1 (which is the same for both ASTM D2565 and G155).
          • Motion to use Cycle 1 – Paul B.
            • Motion seconded – Robert R.
            • Votes: 2 Yes, 0 No
            • 5.4: Heat Retention
              • Briefly discussed the possibility to use ASTM C1057 and ASTM C1055 as a possibility for the testing for this performance rating.
              • This section is currently highlighted in the CPAS and will need to be further discussed.  During previous meeting ideas have been shared about possibly removing this section or if it is kept what testing should be referenced.
  • Discussed some other performance rating ideas that came up during discussions at the RDJ Expo a couple weeks ago.
    • Fungus, mold, or microbial resistance
      • The initial CPAS draft included microbial resistance:
        • ASTM G21 testing for fungal resistance
        • ASTM D1413 weight loss data (which would have been needed for certification for any products containing cellulosic material).
          • ASTM D7032, Section just requires that test specimens have equivalent decay resistance to that of preservative treated wood.
          • The purpose for the CPAS would be to create a scale based on the actual weight loss, where the typical weight loss of preservative treated lumber would not be on the scale.
          • The microbial resistance was previously voted to be removed.
            • The committee members on the call decided it would be best to hold off on any further voting until the next meeting when all committee members would be available.
    • Recycled content
      • This was discussed along with other options such as renewable content or recyclability after its lifecycle.
      • It was discussed that this information would be better suited for an Environmental Declaration Program (EDP) or another similar program outside of the CPAS.


The next official committee meeting will be scheduled via conference call for 1 pm EST on Thursday November 3, 2016 and Margie will send out an invite for this Uber conference call.  The agenda for this meeting is outlined below:

  • A new member has completed the sign-up form to join the committee, Barry John Davis of DPDS International, Ltd.
  • Vote on the acceptance of the following Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS) Sections:
    • 4: Performance Requirements
      • 4.3: Swell and Water Absorption Resistance
  • Discuss the performance rating scale and what value range to include for each rating.
  • Discuss in conjunction with Section 5.4.
  • 5.3 Swell and Water Absorption Resistance
    • Discuss the time-frame for the water immersion and the results of Paul’s tests.  Vote on time frame(s) to be included.
    • 5.4 Heat Retention
      • Discuss if the inclusion of this section, possible standards, and metrics for determination of the performance rating.
      • Andy Clements from Brite Claim sent out an email with a possible suggestion of performing a heat deflection test to address possible melting of products due to reflection from items such as glass windows.
      • 4.4: Heat Retention
    • 5: Test Methods
    • Discuss any suggestions or ideas for other performance rating metrics (such as microbial resistance, or recycled content).  Vote on items as needed.
  • Votes must be “Yes” or “No” and all “No” votes must include reasoning and requests for what the voter would like to have changed.
  • Any “No” votes would be discussed and a resolution and re-vote performed during the meeting, if possible.


If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact NADRA at 215-679-4884 or Info@NADRA.org.





Michael Beaudry, NADRA Executive Vice President & Your Board of Directors


NADRA, “Doing things for the right reason and having fun doing them”.

January 4th, 2017 UPDATE: 

We want to start out by wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be starting the Deck for a Soldier® build in Boonton, NJ on January 16th, weather permitting.  This project is located a little way off of Route 287 about 10 minutes north of Morristown, NJ.  This deck will be built using Trex Elevations Steel Framing, so if any of you would like to learn some of the ins and outs of working with this product, please let us know so we can schedule you to volunteer to frame.  Of course we will need help for about 4 days in order to complete this build and help tying up loose end to finish is always needed.  If you have already filled out a labor pledge, please let us know what day(s) that week work best for you or your crew.  We are also hoping to dig and pour the 10 footings required for this deck either late next week or very early the following week so that the concrete has time to cure before we start building.  We would appreciate if we could get a few guys to help dig these footings.  We have some builders but can still use a few more to step up and help out with this build.  If you are interested in helping and have not notified us or completed an online labor pledge, please email us or click on this link We will try to keep a steady flow of help on the project so that we do not have too many workers on any given day.
Thanks to all of our manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards, all of the materials have been accounted for.  The one thing that has not been supplied yet is a Porta-John.
As we hear back from each of you, we will put together a schedule that best fits the needs of the build and will be back in touch with you soon.
Thank you very much for your support and help,
Judy Verblaauw (on behalf of)
Bruce Verblaauw
NADRA National Deck For A Soldier® Committee Chair


December 2016 UPDATE: 

With the holidays just around the corner it is the time of year to think about giving in the old fashioned tradition for the holidays, donating to a great local cause and giving back to the community where we make our living.  The NADRA Deck for a Soldier® program is about to kick off it’s Northeastern build on 1/16/17, weather permitting.  We are planning to get a start right after the first of the year and install the footings prior to this build date.  We have almost all of the materials accounted for except for some concrete form tubes, a Porta-John, and some small hardware.  If anyone can help us with these last few things it would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, we can still use a few more builders to step up and help out with the build.  If anyone can donate time to help out on this project please contact us at bruceverb@njdecksandrailings.com.   You can fill out the online form to make your pledge of material, labor or even a monetary pledge for various unexpected expenses right here.

We will start to send out emails in order to figure out who can help on which day in the near future.  This will keep a steady flow to the project and keep from having too many workers on any given day.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

NADRA Deck for a Soldier® Committee Chair,

Bruce Verblaauw

Phone: (201) 327-7864(201) 236-0393

Email: bruceverb@njdecksandrailings.com

N E W S   R E L E A S E


DATE:                       December 8, 2016

CONTACT:             Jim Groff, 717.852.4842, jcgroff@wolfleader.com



Wolf PVC decking will now be available in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana


IRVING, Texas  — Wolf Home Products today announced a new agreement with PrimeSource Building Products to expand the distribution of Wolf’s PVC decking to customers throughout the Midwest.

Per the new agreement,  PrimeSource will immediately expand distribution through its Chicago center, which services dealers in eastern Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and northern Indiana.  PrimeSource has been distributing Wolf decking through parts of the Midwest since August 2016 via its Minneapolis distribution center.

“Our partnership  with PrimeSource has been a successful one,” said Robert Lett Sr., Wolf Home Products’ Vice President of National Sales & Marketing.  “PrimeSource has shown itself to be a favored distributor in the Midwest, PVC decking is a favorable product, and Wolf has a unique, high-quality product with the supply to keep up with demand in this expanded area.”


Early in 2016, Wolf Home Products and PrimeSource conducted extensive research on the market and found a widespread acceptance of synthetic decking in the Midwest. Lett  spoke with numerous independent contractors and dealers in the areas serviced by PrimeSource. Through these conversations,  Lett discovered an overwhelmingly positive response to the Wolf-branded PVC decking products.


Wolf PVC Decking is strong and lightweight, featuring polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) capstock for superior durability. It is available in the Tropical Hardwood and Seaside Collections and in eight colors.


“This partnership allows us to expand our offering contiguously, and in doing so, to better serve  our customers,” said Tim Schory, Regional VP /PrimeSource.



Click here to view more information about WOLF PVC Decking on WOLF’s website.



Wolf Home Products supplies kitchen and bath, outdoor living and building products using its innovative business model. With more than 170 years of experience and a vast inventory of high-quality products, Wolf strives to accurately deliver orders in a fraction of the time to ensure unparalleled satisfaction and value. For more information, go to wolfhomeproducts.com.

About PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.   Founded in 1938, PrimeSource is a leading manufacturer and international distributor of building products. With 33 distribution centers in the U.S. servicing the residential and commercial new-construction and remodeling markets. PrimeSource is the benchmark in the industry. Supported by our international service and distribution capabilities, PrimeSource owns some of the most recognize and trusted building product brands. Our Grip-Rite® and Pro-Twist® product lines offer premium building materials and proprietary solutions for every level of expertise and building need. Winner of several industry awards and recognition, PrimeSource is America’s distributor of building products. For more information please visit primesourcebp.com, grip-rite.com, protwist.com or call (800) 676-7777.

November 22nd, 2016:

“It is with a sad and grieving heart that I say, my Daddy, Bob Fogarty, passed away yesterday afternoon, November 21, 2016, around 2:30 pm, at Baylor Hospital in Waxahachie.

For those who know my Daddy, you already know that these last few years have been increasingly difficult for not only him, but for all of us. His health has been anything but a picnic these last few years, so while we will all miss his stories, laugh, and smile, we are grateful that his struggle has ended.
Also, for those who didnt know, Daddy was baptized, with his favorite fishing buddy, Robert Wren, several weeks ago, so he will be waiting for us in heaven, next to the best fishing hole he can find in paradise… MommaJoyce Fogarty, Robert, and I are doing as ok as can be expected and appreciate all of the stories, condolences, and well wishes.

Services are to be held at:
Cowboy Church of Ellis County
2374 US Hwy 287 Access Road
Waxahachie, Tx 75167

Monday, Nov 28, 2016-
Visitation 10a – 11a
Funeral 11a – 12p”

It’s that time of year again!  We are planning our annual NADRA Northeast Holiday party.  Please bring your family and join us!  We ask that everyone bring a dish, whether it is an appetizer or a dessert.  Please list what you are bringing when your RSVP.  We can’t wait to see you all there!



November 22nd, 2016 UPDATE:

Well, the Deck for a Hero®  project here in Atlanta is complete and it was by all measures a huge success. The homeowners, Andy and Martha Cook and children, are thrilled. Overall, this was a straightforward build, maximizing square footage for the family and offering a wide stair design with a mid-landing and 90-degree turn, something that was very important to the family.  Along with all the premium products donated for this deck build, we also were able to install an under deck system. Together, they now have almost 800 square feet of new outdoor living space!

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to lead this project and have to say thank you to everyone who was involved. Collectively, everyone who participated gave generously to make this project successful. You folks certainly made it easy and it was a lot more fun than work.

Craig Dickerson


November 22nd, 2016 UPDATE from Deck for a Soldier / Hero Chair:

Hi All,NADRA Southeast has certainly given a wonderful family every reason to be thankful this season.  They built an amazing deck for a family who had three children of their own and adopted seven more, totaling 10 children.  Wow, they must be some very busy parents just keeping up with day to day life with all of those kids!  A sincere thank you goes out to everyone involved for your generous labor and material pledges that allowed this build to happen.  Giving back to a person’s community is always rewarding and leaves you with a heartwarming feeling.  A special thank you must go out to Craig Dickerson of Decksource who took on the difficult task of leading this project.  Thank you to all of the manufacturers, distributors, lumberyards and deck builders who all pulled together to make this deck a reality.Following is a list of the builders and companies who were generous enough to make this happen:

Labor Donations:

  • Craig Dickerson- Decksource
  • Steve Matrangos- Decksource
  • Rachel Stevens- Decksource
  • David Felix – Decksource
  • Jose Rodriguez – Decksource
  • Abraham Paz – Decksource
  • Otoniel Campos – Decksource
  • Dave Tibbetts- Atlanta Fence and Deck
  • Aldo Bellagas – Atlanta Fence and Deck
  • Alfredo Lopez –Atlanta Fence and Deck
  • Keith Compton – Compton Sales
  • Dave Raught – Great Southern
  • Joel Mooneyhan – SE Underdeck
  • Kevin Waters- PMC
  • Chipper Cronia- Great Southern
  • Shane Moser- Decksouth
  • Alex Acevesamaya- Decksouth
  • John Rudick – Outback Decks
  • John Hula- Outback Decks
  • Glen Tebo – HidFast
  • Joey Matthews Fiberon
Company Donations:

  • Trex
  • Great Southern Wood Preservers
  • Higginbotham Steel & Engineering
  • HID Fast
  • Fortress
  • Compton Sales
  • PEP Construction services / USP
  • Metro Building Products
  • Southeast Underdeck
  • Dixie Plywood
  • Chick-Fil-a
  • Dumpsters Plus
  • Johnny On The Spot
What a great way to enter the Thanksgiving holiday, with a story like this one.  It gives a new hope in today’s world of people helping people just to do the right thing.  This is where the NADRA phrase fits right in “Doing things for all the right reasons and having fun doing them.”
NADRA ROCKS!!NADRA Deck for a Soldier/ Deck for a Hero Committee Chair

November 16th, 2016 UPDATE:

Day one was yesterday and we demolished the old deck and set the ledger and poured some footings in preparation for today’s (Wednesday) build. Hoping to wrap it up in one day for this deserving family. Things went well. Looking forward to a good day tomorrow with a good head start. I know the family is excited as the kids peered through the windows as we were working. Looking forward to them seeing the final result.

On another note, the city of Peachtree Corners is pretty excited and will have their PR person there and will be taking pictures and publishing something on their community news outlets. Good exposure for NADRA.

-Craig Dickerson, Deck Source




November 8th, 2016 UPDATE:

NADRA Family,

NADRA Southeast Regions Deck For A Hero®  build is just one week away.  We wanted to take this time to invite all members to participate in this great cause.  We have a great family that needs and deserves a safe and fun outdoor living space. Feel free to contact Joey Matthews with any and all questions. The Cook family story is below.

We are still working on lunch for build day, if you would like to contribute please fill out the official pledge form found here.

Teardown Day:

Monday 11-14-16

Build Day:

Wednesday 11-16-16

Address: Peachtree Corners, Ga 30092

Contact Joey for complete address. Contact: Joey Matthews, 678-478-1637


October 26th, 2016 UPDATE:

NADRA’s Deck for a Soldier® program is proud to announce its’ latest endeavor with an all new Deck for a Hero® build in Georgia! The recipients are a family who had three biological children and adopted two more children. They have just recently adopted five more children who lost their parents and their church was planning to send them to three separate homes. These kind people, who run a non-profit organization to help Orphan and Foster children, could not find it in their heart to allow this to happen. Please help NADRA build a fairly basic deck and stairway which will allow these ten children and parents some additional outdoor space.


Meet the Cook Family

They are a family of ten – 7 adopted and 3 biological.  Andy and Martha are the parents and several years ago Andy left his job of teaching and coaching to head up a Non-Profit Ministry called Promise 686.  He has devoted his life to helping meet the needs of Orphans and Foster children. He and Martha have a God directed heart toward this ministry that they exhibit in their work and at home.  Late last year they adopted 5 beautiful children to add to the 5 they already had.  I’ll let Martha’s sentiments from her family Blog of November 2015 tell you what that was like for them:


Typically when a family like this crosses our path through Promise686, we share with many others and watch it unfold for various people, but this one in particular did not keep going. They are 17(girl), 14 (girl), 12 (boy), 10(boy), and 2(boy). When we learned of them, their mother was dying of cancer, and their community church had a plan in place for these children to go to three different homes. The mother wanted her children to stay together but after looking for a family for them, she knew as she passed away that there were a few families who were willing to take them, but there wasn’t one where it would work to keep them all together daily. As you can imagine, for us having five children already, the story resonated, especially imagining if I died, and then picturing all of our children being split into various homes. We also imagined what it would be like for them to be separated from the 2 year old that they have helped care for the last two years while their mother was so sick. Their mom passed away six weeks ago and the children are being cared for by two great families within their church as of today. The decision was made on Monday for them to all come to our home in two weeks and for the 2 year old to come on Sunday…….

Our next step is to get our home ready for these children. Also, we’ll be figuring out the short term legal details of guardianship along with the long term adoption process. There’s a lot that has to happen with time.

We invite you to partner with us in any way you feel led. We could not say yes to a life altering decision such as this, without knowing we have people like you, layer upon layer behind us. It feels like an army to us where we know that when we are need, you all are right behind us holding us up.


The Cook family has experienced a tremendous blessing throughout the last year and with God’s help they are all beginning a lifetime of becoming a family.  Their needs on a daily basis are many.  But one need that we can help them with is a new Deck.  Their old one is falling apart and needs extensive repair or replacing.  I am hopeful that we as NADRA can come alongside them and offer a Deck for A Hero.

November 16, 2016 Deck for a Soldier® Update:

The New Jersey Deck for a Soldier® build is for a young soldier who served in the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007 – 2011 and was in the Inactive Reserve from 2011 – 2015.  A little over a year ago, he was on his way to work one morning as an electrician apprentice on his motorcycle when he was hit by an elderly gentleman.  He was in a coma for 45 days and was left with nerve damage in his eyes and right leg.  He lost part of his left leg.  His mom had to quit her job to help take care of him.  Friends all joined together to donate money to help him buy a house, but it only has a front entrance and no outdoor living space.  We are planning on installing a sliding door in the kitchen and a deck on the rear of the home to give them a second entrance, as well as, a place to enjoy the outdoors.

We have the deck framing, decking and railings. We are still in need of:

  • A door, The framing, insulation and trim necessary for the door install
  • Wood posts to support the deck
  • Misc. hardware,
  • Lighting
  • Porta-potty
  • Lunch
  • Monetary donations for small items

If you feel moved to help with this project, please go to the NADRA website and fill out the online pledge form, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the design for this project so far:

October 2016, Deck for a Soldier® Update:

NADRA New Jersey volunteers are still looking for additional material, labor and especially, monetary pledges, for the upcoming Deck For A Soldier® project in New Jersey. We do have quite a few decking material pledges but are still in need of some items like hardware, a sliding door, money for permit fees and builders to help with the labor. This build is for a young soldier who did two tours of duty and was severely hurt in a motorcycle accident after he returned home. We are planning to start this build in mid – late December. We are looking for material and labor donations to help with this project. If you would kindly go to the NADRA website and fill out the online pledge form, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Verblaauw
NADRA Deck for a Soldier®/Deck for a Hero® Committee Chair

Press contact:

Chris Camfferman

Director of Category Marketing – Outdoor Living, Home and Décor




For Immediate Release

 This Old House names Deckorators® Vault Decking a

Top 100 Best New Home Product for 2016


Grand Rapids, Mich., November 3, 2016 – The many unique strengths and benefits of Deckorators® Vault Decking have been recognized by This Old House magazine, which named Vault as one of the Top 100 Best New Home Products of 2016, which are “must-haves” for homeowners.  Deckorators is a brand in the Universal Forest Products, Inc. (UFPI: Nasdaq) family of companies.

According to a letter from the publication’s Editor In Chief Susan Wyland, these Top 100 best new products are “game-changers that we believe will make a difference in the lives of our readers and their families….”

The magazine examined hundreds of products in seven categories: Kitchen, Bath, Tools, Building Products, Home Tech, Finishing Touches and Outdoor Living. Vault was named a best new home product in the Building Products category.

Made with patented EovationsTM technology, Deckorators Vault decking is a revolutionary product that’s stronger, lighter and more stable than other wood-alternative decking products. No other product is made of the same components or process, so no other can come close to offering its many benefits. It won’t mold or rot, it’s virtually unbreakable, and it comes in two beautiful colors: dusk and mesquite.  A third color, hickory, is being introduced in 2017. In addition, Vault is backed by Deckorators’ industry-leading 25-year structural, 25-year stain-and-fade and 25-year removal-and-replacement limited warranty.

“There are few publications as respected as This Old House, and to be included in this list is not just an honor, it is testament to the unparalleled benefits and strengths of Vault,” said Chris Camfferman, director of category marketing for Universal Forest Products, the parent company of the Deckorators brand.  “We have long known that Vault is a shining star in our portfolio. Coming from This Old House, this is the ultimate recognition.”

You can find the “TOH Top 100” at www.thisoldhouse.com/Top100-2016 and on newsstands. For more information on Deckorators Vault decking, including where to buy it, visit deckorators.com/vault.

About This Old House

This Old House is the number one multi-platform home enthusiast brand, serving over 15 million consumers each month with trusted information and expert advice through its award-winning television shows This Old House and Ask This Old House, its highly regarded This Old House magazine and its inspiration and information-driven digital properties, including thisoldhouse.com. Established as This Old House Ventures, LLC, the company is headquartered in Stamford, CT, with offices in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Concord, Mass. 

About Deckorators

Deckorators, the first name in deck railing and accessories and the originator of the round aluminum baluster, is a brand of Universal Consumer Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Universal Forest Products, Inc. Deckorators started the low-maintenance aluminum balusters category with the Classic Series and has since led the industry with many new and innovative deck railing accessory products. Its approach to developing exciting and distinct deck products allows both DIYers and builders the opportunity to express personal creativity on their deck, as they do in their homes. Universal Consumer Products offers a large portfolio of outdoor living products, including wood composite decking, decorative balusters, post caps and plastic lattice.

To learn more about Deckorators railing and railing accessories, visit www.deckorators.com or call 800-332-5724.

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Eovations, LLC, an affiliate of Universal Forest Products, Inc., (Nasdaq: UFPI), is a technology-driven company founded to bring patented EovationsTM technology to commercialization in a broad range of applications. Eovations licenses the use of components made with Eovations technology to independent product manufacturers for predefined applications. The company also licenses independent manufacturers to use Eovations technology in their own operations for pre-defined applications. Eovations technology was originally developed by The Dow Chemical Company. Headquartered in Bay City, Mich., USA, Eovations, LLC is pursuing licensing relationships for Eovations technology with leaders in product innovation globally. For more information, go to www.eovationsllc.com.


Universal Forest Products, Inc. is a holding company with subsidiaries throughout North America, Europe,  Asia and Australia that supply wood, wood composite and other products to three robust markets: retail, construction and industrial.  The Company was founded in 1955 and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich. For more information about Universal Forest Products, Inc., and its affiliated operations, go to www.ufpi.com.