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TAMKO® Announces Launch of Two New Websites

JOPLIN, MO–(February 15, 2017) - TAMKO Building Products, Inc. is proud to announce that the all new www.TAMKO.com and the brand new www.EnvisionDecking.com are now live. TAMKO.com primarily focuses on roofing and related products, while EnvisionDecking.com focuses on decking, with a convenient link between them. Homeowners and customers alike are invited to visit the new websites to experience their exciting features firsthand.

TAMKO.com now features a cleaner design with quick, easy access to visualization tools, product photos and useful information.

With bold new imagery, the new TAMKO.com design accentuates product charm and appeal for homeowners along with features that enable them to choose roofing shingles by color or style and easily locate a TAMKO Pro Certified Roofing Contractor.

The responsive design of the new TAMKO.com optimizes the experience on popular devices and platforms for increased consumer interaction and a more engaging consumer experience with the ability to share items across multiple social media channels. The site also includes a space for Team TAMKO, which is dedicated to professionals and builders and contains access to a wealth of business building tools. Additionally, application instructions, data sheets and literature are easily available directly from the product pages.

As a one-stop, all-inclusive resource for consumers to learn about TAMKO’s composite decking and railing offerings, EnvisionDecking.com is a useful new platform where homeowners can learn, explore and view the beauty of TAMKO’s family of decking products.

EnvisionDecking.com features stunning new decking imagery and an Idea Gallery devoted to the concept of guiding homeowners to find their decking style.

Additional new features include a page containing a live feed of TAMKO’s decking social media content with links to all of those social media feeds for full consumer engagement, a page highlighting TAMKO’s new decking leadership team, and access to beautiful imagery that shows how anyone can Envision life on their new deck.


TAMKO® Building Products, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products. For more information about TAMKO, visit our website at www.TAMKO.com.

About TAMKO Composite Lumber

From decking to railing, TAMKO’s composite lumber offerings provide homeowners with exceptional options to create a beautiful outdoor space where beautiful things happen. These offerings include Envision Distinction™, Envision Inspiration™, Envision Expression™, EverGrain®, Marquee Railing® and TAM- RAIL®. For more information, visit our website at www.EnvisionDecking.com.

Note to editors and writers — The correct capitalization of the company name is TAMKO, due to the fact that it is an acronym. The letters stand for Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma — the company’s original trade area when founded in 1944. TAMKO’s trade area is now all 50 states.


National Nail Expands Warranty for its CAMO® Edge Deck Screws to Cover Deck Board


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Feb. 13, 2017 — National Nail announces that it has expanded and updated its warranty on CAMO Edge Deck Screws, which are part of its CAMO Edge Fastening™ system.  Designed to meet today’s market demand for cedar, tropical woods, capped composites and capped PVCs (square or grooved, including brands such as Trex®, AZEK®, TimberTech®, Fiberon®, EverGrain®, Wolf® and other similar products), the new and expanded warranty will cover the replacement of deck board products when the replacement of the deck board is directly related to the non-performance of the CAMO Edge Fastening™ system. The CAMO system is not designed for hollow composite or PVC boards, or metal framing systems and the new coverage does not replace decking manufacturer’s responsibilities under their warranties.

“We have always stood behind the unequalled experience and performance of the CAMO Edge Fastening system.  By expanding our coverage to now include the deck board, we are simply stating what we are confident of.  CAMO Edge fasteners can be used without concern on any decking project it is designed for,” said W. Scott Baker, CEO, National Nail.  “CAMO fasteners have been used in all types of composite, wood and PVC applications for years.  Our history with warranty claims – or more accurately lack of warranty claims – over the years has reinforced that confidence.”

He adds contractor feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with dozens reporting the CAMO system enhances their deck installation, making them more beautiful and “barefoot friendly” while providing a faster, easier and less expensive installation.

CAMO Deck Screws simply go into the edge of solid or grooved deckboards for fast installation and offer automatic 3/16″ spacing. CAMO edge fastening guides are part of a system designed to work specifically with CAMO Edge Deck Screws and CAMO Driver Bits.

To learn more about the new CAMO Edge Deck Screws new limited warranty, visit www.camofasteners.com or call 800-968-6245 and ask for the CAMO Product Manager.

AZEK® and TimberTech® are registered trademarks of CPG International LLC and is unaffiliated with CAMO® or National Nail Corp.

Trex® is a registered trademark of Trex Company and is unaffiliated with CAMO® or National Nail Corp.

Fiberon® is a registered trademark of Fiberon and is unaffiliated with CAMO® or National Nail Corp.

EverGrain Composite Decking® is a registered trademark of Tamko Building Products and is unaffiliated with CAMO® or National Nail Corp.

Wolf® Decking is a registered trademark of Wolf Home Products and is unaffiliated with CAMO® or National Nail Corp.

About CAMO Edge Fastening

CAMO Edge Fastening™ from National Nail delivers beautiful, fastener-free, Barefoot Approved™ results with virtually any wood, composite or PVC decking. CAMO® offers a variety of guides, fasteners, and accessories, as well as a collated system to suit project requirements. For more information or to locate a dealer, visit CAMO Fasteners or call 1-800-968-6245. Be sure to “Like“ CAMO® Fasteners on Facebook.

About National Nail

We are 100% employee-owned and our growth is directly related to the demand our customers have for our products.  We value transparency and participation, and have a strong bias toward innovation, accountability and growth that makes our customers better financially, relationally, and executionally – an experience our customers won’t find anywhere else.  We follow eight positive traits in everything we do: Servant Leadership, Integrity, Sound Judgement, Courage, Curiosity, Discipline, Energy-Giving and Mentoring Others. We strive to create unique experiences to ensure that your story is better and for us, it’s a privilege to be a part of it. We are always seeking people who share these traits.

SOURCE National Nail Corp.


When an adventure-loving couple decided to build a second home in the mountains for hosting friends, grown children, and-someday- grandchildren, they enlisted California based Studio Bergtraun Architects to design it on a steep site in the Sierra Nevada’s near Lake Tahoe. The firm took cues from the owners’ active, family-focused lifestyle to create a highly customized house on a challenging terrain

Situated on a 23-degree slope that receives some of the region’s heaviest snows, the steelframe structure’s poured-in-place concrete-mat slab is pinned to the hill’s underlying granite. Lead architect Alex Bergtraun undertook a considerable study of the steep site to create a driveway with a less than 5 percent incline that would allow the clients to pull in easily and, after a long day of skiing, enter the mudroom without having to navigate stairs.

In order to accommodate different combinations of occupants, Bergtraun designed a two-level structure with a lower floor that can be closed off. There, built-in bunk beds (accessible via rock-climbing holds) and two bedrooms for the couple’s adult children flank a central family room. Upstairs, the main floor contains the master suite and kitchen, living, and dining areas. A concrete bridge extending off the kitchen provides a small patio for grilling but requires minimal snow shoveling. (Thanks to the installation of climbing hooks on the edge, it also provides a platform for rappelling down to the creek below the house.)

“When it’s just the two owners, they can close off the lower section and heat only their area,” says the architect, “but in the future, when the whole family is present, the lower floor can become a space for younger generations to bond.”

LED uplights throughout the house reflect warm tones from the Douglas fir ceilings, while hot-rolled steel on the fireplace and cabinets provides contrasting texture. Custom furnishings continue the rustic-and-industrial theme: Bergtraun built an extra-long dining table with a galvanized-steel top, large industrial wheels, and leftover glulam.

“The clients wanted to make this a place that was really their own,” says Bergtraun. “It’s already become a hub of activity for family and friends, and it will be for years to come.”

See more Images of Project & Case Study

See the complete article in Architectural Record Magazine


NADRA Member Spotlight. February 2017 Member Spotlight: Robert Lett, Wolf Home Products

NADRA launched a member spotlight award for 2017. We are excited to showcase our second winner of 2017, Robert Lett, Wolf Home Products:

Member Name: Bob Lett

Company Name:  WolfHomeProducts.com

Position: VP of National Sales

Member Category: Distributor / Manufacturer

Location: Allentown, PA

What inspired you to join NADRA? The opportunity to be part of a growing association that is a voice for a burgeoning industry

What was the first thing you ever built? Tree fort

How do you define success? When preparedness meet opportunity. In order to be successful you only have to work half a day. I don’t care if it’s the first 12 hours or the second hours of the day.

What advice would you like to share with fellow members that you have learned in your career? Make as many friends and acquaintances as you can and listen twice as much as you talk.

If you could ask your fellow industry professionals one question, what might it be? What can we do to be better at what we do?

What would you do for a career if you weren’t doing this?

In the summer: Professional Bass Fisherman

In the winter: Ski instructor




*A Member Spotlight winner will be chosen each month. For a chance to win, please fill out the questionnaire found here
*To read the complete February eNewsletter, please click here.

Okay my friends, let’s cut to the chase!  The key to being resilient is to recognize that if we live long enough, we will eventually face change or adversity.  In addition, since we are all human, we understand that these state of affairs automatically trigger several types of emotions.  However, the secret sauce lies within how we handle these emotions ourselves and how we deal with the emotions of those around us when either change or adversity strikes.

Here’s a quick example.  Think back to when you first learned how to ride a bike.  The person who taught you took off your training wheels, held you on the bike steady for about a minute, gave you a pep talk and very specific instructions and then eventually provided you with a swift push to get you started.  At first, your excitement level went through the roof.  Your big smile indicated that you welcomed this new adventure.  Your confidence, passion and perseverance kicked in immediately.  You experienced immediate success by pedaling five times without issue and then the inevitable happened…  You fell!  Not only did you fall, but you fell really hard (because falling was never an issue with the training wheels attached).

At this point, your natural inclination was to immediately look around to see who experienced your fall.  But there was also another very important reason you were looking around to find this person.  You desperately wanted to know what their reaction was to your mishap.  Were they disappointed, upset, happy, proud, supportive, empathetic, etc.?  Whether you knew it or not, your reaction to the fall was 95% dictated by the first emotional response of someone around you.  If they overacted, so did you.  If they were laughing with you, you tended to laugh as well.

This is a very simple concept that leaders must understand and work diligently on today.  As we experience more and more change and adversity in our lives, we must train our minds to master resilience by conquering our emotional responses.  Similarly, with self-awareness, we must understand that the responses of others around us should not necessarily influence our mental toughness, positive outlook and resilience.

The goal for all of us is to go from certainty to hope as quickly and often as we can.  The secret to resiliency starts and ends with how we respond.

The goal of leadership is to realize that we are all human and that we have a responsibility to our tribe to take them on this same journey.  Work tirelessly to minimize the disruption time within your organizations, families and life. Oh, and by the way, this is a secret that you can share with everyone. Please do! Good luck on your personal journey my friends!



By: , Positivity Guru, Value Adder and Keynote Speaker

January 24th, 2017 UPDATE & Thank You:

Dear NADRA Members and Supporters,

I am extremely pleased to let everyone know that the Northeast Regions Deck for a Soldier® build went very smoothly and was completed in four days.  The build started on Monday, January 16th, 2017 with a crew from three separate builder member companies. We installed the Trex Elevations steel framing, along with the help from several Trex and distributor representatives.  Tuesday was supposed to be a wash-out of a rainy day, but several of us gathered, installed the stairway platform and cut all of the stair stringers.  Wednesday, we had crews from four builder members and we installed the decking, stairways, some fascia trim and the Andersen sliding door.  We also had representatives from Fortress Railings, Fiberon, and AZEK helping out.  Thursday, we had two crews, plus representatives from Trex, Wolf Home Products, Fortress Railings and Excelsior Lumber, Inc. that helped install the last of the fascia trim and the railings.  We were lucky enough to have spiked the interest of a local newspaper and also the TV station News 12, New Jersey. We also received coverage from The Daily Record, you can read more & see photos / video here.

Our Soldier was extremely thankful and really could not believe that a program like ours exists.  He was overwhelmed when wheeled out on the deck for the first time and was able to look around his neighborhood.  Kyle added: “The Deck for a Soldier® program has been top notch. Really great crew. I couldn’t even imagine something like this existed where people are just giving away decks for people but it does,” Chappell says.

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone involved in this project for their time and materials.  Many gave so freely to this project that it was inspiring to all.  I continuously heard the following words, “Whatever you need for this project, just let us know”.  We certainly could not have gotten this project done without the support of the best team in the decking industry.  NADRA Rocks!!


Bruce Verblaauw

NADRA National Deck For A Soldier Committee – Chair Person

Listed below are all of the companies and individuals who donated their time and materials:

Material Donations:

-        Trex Decking & Steel Framing

-        Fortress Railings

-        FastenMaster

-        Simpson Strong Tie

-        Starborn Industries

-        Eastern Engineered Wood Products

-        Excelsior Lumber

-        Abbe Lumber

-        Fox Lumber

-        Zuidema Portable Toilets

-        Boonton Township

-        Jeff Fleischer, Architect

-        Lunch was provided by Trex, CPG/AZEK, Fiberon and the Soldier’s mom

Labor Donations

-        C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC
Bruce Verblaauw

Scott Olson

Melissa Olson

Tommy DeLuise

Miguel Dominguez

Jose Santos

Neal Moran

-        My Deck

Ed Drake

Ben Sherman

-        Barrett Outdoors

Gustavo deLaCruz

-        Deck Remodelers

Chuck Briggs

Cory Bohner

-        Legends Built

Bill Lecorchik

-        All American Decks

Scott Nadrotowski

Robbie Sciacchetano

Steve Daum

-        North Jersey Custom Decks

Joe Onorevole

Mark Onorevole


-        Decks by Kiefer

Bob Kiefer & Helper

-        Trex

Butch Palaza

Tim Schlosser

Mike Ryan

Laura Hays

Jamie Binns

Tim Van Vaketis

-        Manufacturers Reserve Supply

Chris Christakis

Peter King

Weiss Froogh

Sean O’Brien

Jared Noble

-        FastenMaster

Josh Hall

-        Fortress Railing

Craig Dowdy

-        Fiberon

Lainie Sleppin

-        CPG/AZEK

Alan Bensen

Drew Giganti

Kyle McEnroe

-        Wolf Home Products

Paul Kovach

-        Excelsior Lumber

Sophia Bishop

Adam Spratt

-        Mid-State Lumber

Pete Miller

January 18th, 2017 UPDATE:

Well, everything has fallen into place and we were able to start our Deck for a Soldier® build in Boonton Twsp., NJ on January 16th!  The Township has waived the permit fees except for the DCA fee.  We’ve had a local builder member offer to help out and dig the footing holes on Saturday 1/7/17.
We had a footing inspection on 1/11/17 and we completed the pour right after that along with the bottom of the stairway landing. We have several builders lined up to help out with this build for the four days that we anticipate the build to take, but we can always use more.  If anyone else wishes to help out please go online to fill out a pledge form found  here, or contact Bruce V. at  BruceVerb@njdecksandrailings.com.
Thanks to our awesome manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards, all of the necessary materials have been donated.  Be on the lookout for pictures and more on NADRA’s Facebook pageLike us on Facebook
Bruce Verblaauw NADRA National – Deck for a Soldier ® Committee Chair
Cell  201-803-2909




January 4th, 2017 UPDATE: 

We want to start out by wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be starting the Deck for a Soldier® build in Boonton, NJ on January 16th, weather permitting.  This project is located a little way off of Route 287 about 10 minutes north of Morristown, NJ.  This deck will be built using Trex Elevations Steel Framing, so if any of you would like to learn some of the ins and outs of working with this product, please let us know so we can schedule you to volunteer to frame.  Of course we will need help for about 4 days in order to complete this build and help tying up loose end to finish is always needed.  If you have already filled out a labor pledge, please let us know what day(s) that week work best for you or your crew.  We are also hoping to dig and pour the 10 footings required for this deck either late next week or very early the following week so that the concrete has time to cure before we start building.  We would appreciate if we could get a few guys to help dig these footings.  We have some builders but can still use a few more to step up and help out with this build.  If you are interested in helping and have not notified us or completed an online labor pledge, please email us or click on this link We will try to keep a steady flow of help on the project so that we do not have too many workers on any given day.
Thanks to all of our manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards, all of the materials have been accounted for.  The one thing that has not been supplied yet is a Porta-John.
As we hear back from each of you, we will put together a schedule that best fits the needs of the build and will be back in touch with you soon.
Thank you very much for your support and help,
Judy Verblaauw (on behalf of)
Bruce Verblaauw
NADRA National Deck For A Soldier® Committee Chair


December 2016 UPDATE: 

With the holidays just around the corner it is the time of year to think about giving in the old fashioned tradition for the holidays, donating to a great local cause and giving back to the community where we make our living.  The NADRA Deck for a Soldier® program is about to kick off it’s Northeastern build on 1/16/17, weather permitting.  We are planning to get a start right after the first of the year and install the footings prior to this build date.  We have almost all of the materials accounted for except for some concrete form tubes, a Porta-John, and some small hardware.  If anyone can help us with these last few things it would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, we can still use a few more builders to step up and help out with the build.  If anyone can donate time to help out on this project please contact us at bruceverb@njdecksandrailings.com.   You can fill out the online form to make your pledge of material, labor or even a monetary pledge for various unexpected expenses right here.

We will start to send out emails in order to figure out who can help on which day in the near future.  This will keep a steady flow to the project and keep from having too many workers on any given day.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

NADRA Deck for a Soldier® Committee Chair,

Bruce Verblaauw

Phone: (201) 327-7864(201) 236-0393

Email: bruceverb@njdecksandrailings.com

We will become what we magnify!

By: Kevin Jackson


Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard, you are what you eat. However, no one talks about you will become what you magnify. So, let’s take a few minutes to challenge our thinking.

Consider this:

  • Negativity will always breed negativity. Positive thinking is an everyday choice that will change the outcome of your life, your decisions and your success.
  • Hate will always generate more hate. Whether you hate a person, place or thing, this is a conscience decision that carries residual effects. If a state of love for something or someone seems out of the question, take baby steps to better understand, to better communicate or to better accept flexibility and change.
  • Always provide value. If you are not providing value you are not providing anything! Magnify the “what’s in it for me” for your customers, your clients, your friends, your spouse, your families and your communities. Never directly sell anything, but always solve problems, fill voids and change lives and situations for the better.
  • Magnify abundance over lack, but realize true abundance is not often what society leads us to believe it is. Live life with open palms. Give freely, but with discernment. Share your talents, your time, your gifts, your passion and your purpose. Did you know that true abundance is deeply rooted in contentment? News flash!! The world and what it offers is not all about you. When you give with the right heart, many things will be given back to you, magnified!

These small pointers, along with your commitment to continuous improvement every day will take you further to living within your purpose, possibility and promise.

As we welcome in 2017, I wish you nothing but peace, perseverance and prosperity. Always remember that we decide what we magnify and what we magnify is what we will become! Choose wisely my friends.


Contact: MoistureShield Editor’s Desk
Brandner Communications
(253) 661-7333

MoistureShield® Composite Decking Adds New England’s Mid-State Lumber to an Ever-Expanding Network of Distributors

Springdale, Arkansas
January 4, 2017

To meet increasing demand in New England, MoistureShield is extending distribution by beginning a partnership with Mid-State Lumber, which will be servicing Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire from its Warwick, New York location. Mid-State will carry MoistureShield’s full line of high performance decking including cap stock and wood-plastic composite collections.

“Demand for MoistureShield is constantly growing in the Northeastern region of the country and New England,” said Brent Gwatney, Senior Vice President for MoistureShield Composite Decking. “In order to better serve our customers in the area, we are excited to partner with Mid-State Lumber, who is known for their quality product offering and excellent customer service.”

Mid-State Lumber is a local and regional wholesaler of building material products for the retail lumber dealer, and has been in operation since 1976. Offering a broad choice of lumber, decking, and stepping products, Mid-State’s customer base spans the Mid-Atlantic and New England markets. Mid-State operates three full service facilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Commodity inventories are maintained in several Eastern seaboard re-load centers.

MoistureShield composite decking is the only composite tough enough to be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater while still being protected by the industry’s leading lifetime residential warranty. MoistureShield’s family of outdoor living products offers the right option to fit every backyard. Homeowners can choose from several high-performance composite decking and railing lines, as well as complete their deck design with MoistureShield Deck Lights, MoistureShield Deck Clips and Pro Aluminum Railing. Built to be tough, yet beautiful, all MoistureShield products inspire carefree living while making a statement.

For more information on MoistureShield products, visit moistureshield.com. Follow MoistureShield on popular social networks for deck design inspiration and outdoor living ideas.

About Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (A.E.R.T.):
Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc., (A.E.R.T.) trades on the OTCQB venture stage marketplace for early stage and developing U.S. and international companies. The development of new technologies and patents has enabled it to manufacture superior composite products from recycled wood fiber and recycled polyethylene plastic for the building and construction markets. A.E.R.T. is the exclusive manufacturer of MoistureShield® composite decking and outdoor living accessories. Investors can find Real-Time quotes and market information for AERT on www.otcmarkets.com. Details about MoistureShield products can be found at www.moistureshield.com





January 4th, 2017 UPDATE: 

The NADRA Consumer Product Awareness Committee (CPAC) has been working diligently and is making very good progress in the creation of the Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS).  The current CPAS draft contains three main metrics for testing and providing performance ratings for deck boards:

  • Slip Resistance
  • Fade Resistance
  • Swell and Water Absorption Resistance

The overall intent of this program is to provide the consumer with simple, straight-forward information to assist in their deck board selection and to provide the industry with a standardized rating system for aspects of particular interest to consumers which are beyond the requirements of a certification program.

The current goal is to have the initial release of the CPAS ready for the next NADRA meeting in April.  If anyone would like to contribute by providing ideas, data, or input regarding the CPAS please contact Michael Beaudry at 215-804-6679 or mbeaudry@nadra.org.  Your support is very beneficial to the continued advancement of this program, thank you!


October 21, 2016 UPDATE:

Special Note to All Interested Parties:

The Consumer Product Awareness Committee (CPAC) was created to work in conjunction with NADRA and NTA to develop and implement an association sponsored labeling program for deck board products, which are already in a certification program.  This labeling program will be based on the Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS), which is currently under development.


The overall intent of this program is to provide the consumer with simple, straight-forward information to assist in their deck board selection and to provide the industry with a standardized rating system for aspects of particular interest to consumers which are beyond the requirements of a certification program.


The notes below from the most recent CPAC meeting and all future notes from the CPAC meetings will be provided to NADRA membership to allow any interested parties to provide data, ideas, or input to facilitate the creation of the CPAS with the best information possible to benefit the deck board industry.  Thank you in advance for your support, which will be very beneficial to the continued advancement of this program.


RE:  CPAC Call Notes and Agenda for Next Meeting


Dear NADRA CPAC Committee Members & Organizers:


Thank you for participating in the CPAC Committee conference Call on Thursday October 20, 2016.  A summary of key points from this call is provided below:

  • Committee members on the call:
    • Robert Rottinghaus – UFP
    • Paul Beulileu – Green Bay Decking
  • Committee members absent:
    • John Burkhart – Westech
  • Anti-Trust Statement
    • Stated, “We all agree that we have read and understand the anti-trust statement provided on the Google Drive”.  The anti-trust statement will be read in full when any new members participate in a call.
  • Voted on the acceptance of the notes from the previous meeting.
    • Motion to accept the notes – Robert R.
      • Motion seconded – Paul B.
      • Votes: 2 Yes, 0 No
  • Voted on the acceptance of the following Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS) Sections:
    • 4: Performance Requirements
      • 4.3: Swell and Water Absorption Resistance
        • Added a possible water absorption (%) scale to the CPAS and a third line item for water absorption (%) after a 14 day immersion.  These are highlighted in the draft CPAS for further discussion.
        • Discussed the length of time for the water immersion of specimens.  ASTM D1037, Section 23, Method B specifies 24 hours.  Some options brought up were:
          • Requiring a 24 hour test and a 14 day test and determining a performance rating for each then averaging the two rating to obtain the performance rating to be displayed.
          • Performing just a longer duration test or just the 24 hour test.
          • Paul is going to perform some trial tests and share the results during the next meeting to discuss before voting.
    • 5: Test Methods
      • 5.2: Fade Resistance
        • Discussed the use of cycle 1 (which is the same for both ASTM D2565 and G155).
          • Motion to use Cycle 1 – Paul B.
            • Motion seconded – Robert R.
            • Votes: 2 Yes, 0 No
            • 5.4: Heat Retention
              • Briefly discussed the possibility to use ASTM C1057 and ASTM C1055 as a possibility for the testing for this performance rating.
              • This section is currently highlighted in the CPAS and will need to be further discussed.  During previous meeting ideas have been shared about possibly removing this section or if it is kept what testing should be referenced.
  • Discussed some other performance rating ideas that came up during discussions at the RDJ Expo a couple weeks ago.
    • Fungus, mold, or microbial resistance
      • The initial CPAS draft included microbial resistance:
        • ASTM G21 testing for fungal resistance
        • ASTM D1413 weight loss data (which would have been needed for certification for any products containing cellulosic material).
          • ASTM D7032, Section just requires that test specimens have equivalent decay resistance to that of preservative treated wood.
          • The purpose for the CPAS would be to create a scale based on the actual weight loss, where the typical weight loss of preservative treated lumber would not be on the scale.
          • The microbial resistance was previously voted to be removed.
            • The committee members on the call decided it would be best to hold off on any further voting until the next meeting when all committee members would be available.
    • Recycled content
      • This was discussed along with other options such as renewable content or recyclability after its lifecycle.
      • It was discussed that this information would be better suited for an Environmental Declaration Program (EDP) or another similar program outside of the CPAS.


The next official committee meeting will be scheduled via conference call for 1 pm EST on Thursday November 3, 2016 and Margie will send out an invite for this Uber conference call.  The agenda for this meeting is outlined below:

  • A new member has completed the sign-up form to join the committee, Barry John Davis of DPDS International, Ltd.
  • Vote on the acceptance of the following Consumer Product Awareness Specification (CPAS) Sections:
    • 4: Performance Requirements
      • 4.3: Swell and Water Absorption Resistance
  • Discuss the performance rating scale and what value range to include for each rating.
  • Discuss in conjunction with Section 5.4.
  • 5.3 Swell and Water Absorption Resistance
    • Discuss the time-frame for the water immersion and the results of Paul’s tests.  Vote on time frame(s) to be included.
    • 5.4 Heat Retention
      • Discuss if the inclusion of this section, possible standards, and metrics for determination of the performance rating.
      • Andy Clements from Brite Claim sent out an email with a possible suggestion of performing a heat deflection test to address possible melting of products due to reflection from items such as glass windows.
      • 4.4: Heat Retention
    • 5: Test Methods
    • Discuss any suggestions or ideas for other performance rating metrics (such as microbial resistance, or recycled content).  Vote on items as needed.
  • Votes must be “Yes” or “No” and all “No” votes must include reasoning and requests for what the voter would like to have changed.
  • Any “No” votes would be discussed and a resolution and re-vote performed during the meeting, if possible.


If you have any additional questions or comments, please contact NADRA at 215-679-4884 or Info@NADRA.org.





Michael Beaudry, NADRA Executive Vice President & Your Board of Directors


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N E W S   R E L E A S E


DATE:                       December 8, 2016

CONTACT:             Jim Groff, 717.852.4842, jcgroff@wolfleader.com



Wolf PVC decking will now be available in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana


IRVING, Texas  — Wolf Home Products today announced a new agreement with PrimeSource Building Products to expand the distribution of Wolf’s PVC decking to customers throughout the Midwest.

Per the new agreement,  PrimeSource will immediately expand distribution through its Chicago center, which services dealers in eastern Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and northern Indiana.  PrimeSource has been distributing Wolf decking through parts of the Midwest since August 2016 via its Minneapolis distribution center.

“Our partnership  with PrimeSource has been a successful one,” said Robert Lett Sr., Wolf Home Products’ Vice President of National Sales & Marketing.  “PrimeSource has shown itself to be a favored distributor in the Midwest, PVC decking is a favorable product, and Wolf has a unique, high-quality product with the supply to keep up with demand in this expanded area.”


Early in 2016, Wolf Home Products and PrimeSource conducted extensive research on the market and found a widespread acceptance of synthetic decking in the Midwest. Lett  spoke with numerous independent contractors and dealers in the areas serviced by PrimeSource. Through these conversations,  Lett discovered an overwhelmingly positive response to the Wolf-branded PVC decking products.


Wolf PVC Decking is strong and lightweight, featuring polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate (ASA) capstock for superior durability. It is available in the Tropical Hardwood and Seaside Collections and in eight colors.


“This partnership allows us to expand our offering contiguously, and in doing so, to better serve  our customers,” said Tim Schory, Regional VP /PrimeSource.



Click here to view more information about WOLF PVC Decking on WOLF’s website.



Wolf Home Products supplies kitchen and bath, outdoor living and building products using its innovative business model. With more than 170 years of experience and a vast inventory of high-quality products, Wolf strives to accurately deliver orders in a fraction of the time to ensure unparalleled satisfaction and value. For more information, go to wolfhomeproducts.com.

About PrimeSource Building Products, Inc.   Founded in 1938, PrimeSource is a leading manufacturer and international distributor of building products. With 33 distribution centers in the U.S. servicing the residential and commercial new-construction and remodeling markets. PrimeSource is the benchmark in the industry. Supported by our international service and distribution capabilities, PrimeSource owns some of the most recognize and trusted building product brands. Our Grip-Rite® and Pro-Twist® product lines offer premium building materials and proprietary solutions for every level of expertise and building need. Winner of several industry awards and recognition, PrimeSource is America’s distributor of building products. For more information please visit primesourcebp.com, grip-rite.com, protwist.com or call (800) 676-7777.