Update: ICC Action Committee Proposal

The ICC Building Code Action Committee is considering a very large proposal for deck construction provisions to be included in the 2015 IRC.  Anyone is invited to provide feedback, both opponent and proponent, on the proposal.  The committee wishes to work on the document with the industry, prior to the hearings next year.  Take a look at this proposal and see if you want these provisions to become code? Code, such that any other option is an “alternative” that has to be convinced to the building official over “just doing what the code says”.

You decide, NADRA.  What are your opinions about this?

There are some helpful provisions…and some…others.  It’s a long document…but it’s very, very serious. Code that comes out of an ICC Action Committee comes with some serious power.  Get involved and help NADRA represent our industry in the code development process.  We need you.

NADRA is positioned as the voice of the deck, dock and railing industry. Send your input toInfo@NADRA.org.

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2 thoughts on “Update: ICC Action Committee Proposal”

  1. Preservative Section looks good.
    Flashing portion will need to define “corrosion-resistance” or define by reference.
    Deadline to ICC for Committee Hearing Proposals is JAN 3rd.
    A well crafted proposal with agreement from all sides is our best shot as getting changes at Final Action Hearings in October to overturn or modify Committee action is VERY difficult. Only chance to change.
    NO TIME TO WASTE. Holidays will be here shortly and people will not be available.
    This is for 2015 IRC.

  2. Need to delete all lateral load suggestions, requirements, depictions, suggestions, etc….as they are proven to be ineffectual on properly bolted deck with diagonal rack brace….

    Not sure why beam bearing should be so depicted as there are many scenarios that require a varied approach. The 2 shown are fine but there are others….I am unaware of beam bearing as a condition for deck failure in general.

    More emphasis on flashing. Cut out. back flashing, caulk, Z flash, caulk holes…Water is a KEY element to deck failure and needs proper attention.

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