NADRA Atlanta Chapter – Meeting Recap


July 5, 2011 – Atlanta, GA | Thanks to everyone that attended the Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting in June. The turnout was great with close to 50 in attendance including several visitors. I hope that each of you enjoyed yourself and that the guest will consider joining our association and becoming active members.

A special thanks to June’s sponsor, Guardian Building Products and their team which included David Elenbaum (seen below) and Trey Cawthon. David gave an informative presentation regarding Guardian products. Guardian has some great looking products available with numerous decking options. The highlight for me personally was Guardians willingness to introduce a “Labor Warranty” for their decking products. This is a huge deal in my eyes and Guardian along with only a couple of other manufactures appears to be offering this at this point. Guardians program sounds strong and would provide protective insurance for our consumers and our reputations as contractors. The benefits of this program are obvious and it’s my hope that others will follow Guardian and others who are making these programs available.

Special thanks go to Lindsay Ranly and Stefanie Kane from Timbertech who gave a great presentation on “Social Media”. They shared a lot of good information regarding the social media trends and benefits. Like most successful marketing campaigns it involves a multi speared effort. Social Media is an important and inexpensive element that we all need to utilize to provide company exposure, name brand recognition, and LEADS.
Huck DeVenzio of Arch Chemicals announced that they are accepting entries for those of us that use Womanized lumber for a drawing that will result in a FREE NADRA Membership along and a paid trip to Chicago to attend the Deck Expo.

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NADRA Atlanta Chapter Meeting

June 13, 2011 | Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well and that the spring season has breathed new life into your activity levels.
I’d like to remind you of our upcoming Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting next Tuesday, June 21st at 5:30 at the Prado Taco Mac. It will be inside complete with AC and sound system.
David Elenbaum and Guardian will be sponsoring this event. Guardian has incorporated a policy that along with a couple of manufacturers is leading the decking industry in a direction that is long overdue. You will find what he has to say interesting and encouraging.
Lindsay Ranly and Stephanie Kane will be our guest speakers addressing “multi media”. This is a topic that all in attendance will find interesting and is “the” marketing avenue of today’s contractor. The more we learn and understand the better our businesses will prosper.
Hopefully our committees have had a chance to make some progress and I’ll ask that one person from the Recruitment and Deck Safety groups take a moment to update us on their activities and progress.

Please make an effort to attend and bring a guest.

Bobby Parks
Atlanta NADRA Chapter President

Atlanta NADRA Chapter February Meeting

February 17, 2011 | Thanks to everyone that attended the Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting. Special thanks goes out to Bill Sullivan and AZEK for sponsoring this month’s event. Bill gave an informative presentation featuring AZEK’s recent product releases. This included AZEK’s hideaway built in storage compartment and planter options.

Tommy Howard, our guest speaker from the Norton Group, gave a very interesting presentation on the housing market and forecasted trends that can be expected over the next two years. I thought this topic was timely, informative, and something that all members gained some insight from. Tommy Howard and the Norton Group have a very successful track record in, gathering and analyzing statistics, and forecasting major economic trends. Thanks Mr. Howard for taking the time to attend our meeting and sharing this information with us.

As you may have noticed you could actually hear everything said this time around as we gave our new sound system its first test. Mr. Dave Tibbetts gets credit for not only providing the equipment but his willingness to help with various set ups at each meeting.

Overall we had a turnout with many guests present. This included deck builders, deck restoration contractors, marketing, and vendor associates from various decking manufacturers.

James Gunning, OC Kirk, and Larry Pease volunteered to research the NADRA National website and focus on an efficient and effective way to bring the spotlight onto our May “Deck Safety Month” program.
Several vendor members voiced interest in sponsoring future chapter meetings. Please continue to email your official request and we’ll schedule accordingly. Once this is established I’ll post each upcoming meetings sponsor.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and that you will continue to attend, bring guests, and encourage new members.


Bobby Parks
Atlanta NADRA Chapter President

Dec. Meeting Recap From Atlanta Chapter President

Excerpt taken from the weekly NADRA Industry Brief

December 21, 2010 | Thanks to everyone that attended Tuesday night’s Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting at the Soho.

Special thanks go out to Timbertech for their generous sponsorship of what I believe to be one of our best meetings to date. Bill Georgelis and James Gunning teamed up to make a very informative presentation of their decking products and market forecast.

We had a full house which included several very special guests. Terry and Diann Dempsey, the founders of Deck Expo and Professional Deck Builder Magazine were in attendance. John Mortimer, the first President of NADRA was present along with our 2010 “Deck for a Soldier” customers, Captain Don Thompson and his wife Dana.

Michael Beaudry, NADRA’s Executive Vice President of NADRA was our keynote speaker and gave a great presentation and really helped strengthen the local and national membership connection.

Ginny Tibbetts, of Atlanta Decking and Fence Company, who has been the secretary and treasurer for our chapter since it’s inception, received a recognition award for her valuable contributions to the Atlanta Chapter. Ginny has devoted countless hours to our cause and has provided a lot of behind the scenes leadership. Her enthusiasm, willingness to help, and general wisdom have served this chapter beyond what any can realize. Keith Compton, who headed up our 2010 Deck for a Soldier campaign, was recognized for his contributions as well. Keith has been a valuable asset for our chapter and has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to complete our first DFS effort.

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Dear Georgia NADRA Members and Prospects…

Excerpt taken from the weekly NADRA Industry Brief

December 8, 2010 | Hope all of you are doing well. You should have received the “evite” for our upcoming chapter meeting that will be held at Sohos in Vinings, Ga., on Tuesday, Dec. 14, at 7 p.m. Click here to view the invitation.

I encourage each of you to bring your spouses, significant other or a friend. Michael Beaudry (Executive Vice President of NADRA), Heather Beaudry (National Chapter Committee Chair) and Margie Beaudry (Executive Administrator) will attend this meeting. Michael will be our keynote speaker. This will be an opportunity for local members to meet some of the key people in NADRA.

We plan to have our Deck For A Soldier recipients, Captain Don Thompson and his wife Dana, present as well.

Please make every effort to attend and support our local chapter and make this a success.


Bobby Parks
Atlanta Chapter President
Peachtree Decks and Porches

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Make Your Customers Happier By Charging Them More

July 7, 2010 | It is possible to make your customers and yourself happier by charging more. I’m not talking about charging more for the same thing you already do or more than what other contractors charge for the same thing. I’m encouraging you to incorporate as a standard a consistent line of products that are in the mid to higher end range that offer true long term performance. I’m suggesting a way to lower your warranty cost by 80% or more, extending your customer referral base and being able to show prospects a deck project that’s 3-5 years old that looks better than your competitions 1 year old deck. I’m talking about a way to increase your annual dollar production and profit with the same number of employees or subs that you currently have. I’m talking about selling value, performance, and delivering work you can feel good about.

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Deck Design Standards, Styles, and Trends

July 7, 2010 | Deck design involves the basic concepts of creating functional space, activity zones, and adapting details and styles that adds interest to blend in with a particular residence. It requires practical approaches to allow for egress areas to provide travel paths that don’t interfere with space usage.

This process involves consultation with a customer and the gathering of physical and visual site information. It requires listening to preconceived ideas a customer may have combined with ideas of your own. It also requires that you understand how a customer will utilize the project and often involves diplomatic guidance on your part to direct the homeowner in a practical and efficient direction. It includes a mix of options that you’re comfortable delivering and ultimately choices that meet the customer’s needs and budget.

Following the mental concept of creating true extensions of the home by designing according to “determining factors” that exist should be a basic guideline for any project we undertake. This includes architectural styles, landscaping, existing yard features, and property angles that affect the overall footprint of a designed project.

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The Foundation Of Being A Successful Contractor

July 7, 2010 | All structures require a proper and solid foundation. In the long run, it won’t matter how well you frame, trim, or install any deck or building project if this effort is made on a weak or flawed footing. Short and long term problems will materialize. On a poor foundation, settling occurs, cracks show up, and repairing the damage is difficult and costly.

As a deck builder or remodeler, your contracting business is also a structure that requires a solid foundation. Without it you’ll experience sub par performance and failure similar to the way a deck or house structure would be affected. Because this business foundation is what all future efforts and investments will be built from, it’s important to do it right.

Installing a good foundation simply requires a common sense approach to the very basics of business. The initial mix for this pour includes the basic concepts of operating as an honest and ethical contractor. The rest of the mix includes establishing a reputation, positive impressions with prospects, good communication, and conduct becoming a professional.

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