The Power of One Campaign Continues…

Last week we asked NADRA members to forward the industry brief to their contacts. This is a very small, but effective way to spread the word about NADRA, industry news and upcoming events. A special thank you to the WOLF Organization for passing on NADRA news to your contacts! WOLF continues to stand behind NADRA’s Power of One initiative in more ways than one. Here is a brief summary of what NADRA’s Power of One campaign means to WOLF and how it lays the foundation for fellow members to build upon. 

WOLF provides contractors with a training manual where they now dedicate two full pages to NADRA’s message urging all industry professionals to get involved with their industry association. In addition to distributing NADRA’s message in their training manuals, most recently, WOLF invited NADRA’S EVP to join them in Virginia at a Certified WOLF Pro Event as a guest speaker.  Michael Beaudry made himself available for the day to participate. Mr. Beaudry spoke to the contractors in attendance about the latest developments at the code hearings, Deck Safety Month ®  and how to take advantage of the Check Your Deck ®  Inspection Program. 

If you are interested in the power of one campaign or would like to schedule a time for Michael Beaudry to speak at one of your events, call NADRA direct at: 215.649.4884 to learn how or send an email to  It’s time to make a difference, it’s time for the Power of One! 

NADRA and VisionScape: Outdoor Living in 3D

March 6, 2013

CONTACT:   Michael Beaudry, North American Deck & Railing Association (NADRA)

(215) 679 – 4884

John Porco, Founder & CEO, VisionScape Interactive, LLC.


The North American Deck & Railing Association (NADRA) and VisionScape Interactive, LLC. Partner to Bring the Outdoor Living Community Together Through 3D Visualization


QUAKERTOWN, PA—The North American Deck & Railing Association (NADRA) has partnered with VisionScape Interactive, LLC. to support and grow the outdoor living industry. Through this ongoing relationship, NADRA and VisionScape strive to unify the outdoor living community by providing NADRA’s professional, dealer, retailer and manufacturer members highly effective 3D design, presentation, sales and marketing tools.


The heart of this growing partnership lies in VisionScape’s 3D design and visualization software, Virtual Property Architect™, which allows for the creation of lifelike 3D designs and detailed 2D plans that can be saved as interactive, online sales presentations for the consumer.


“When a consumer can experience exactly how a finished project will look and feel right in their own backyard, and in advance of construction, we see more frequent and larger sales”, observes VisionScape Founder and CEO John Porco. “We have partnered with NADRA to equip the industry with the tools it needs to provide consumers this experience and increase the number of outdoor living projects completed each year.”


VisionScape 3D designs are created from an ever-expanding 3D catalogue of actual products and brands from throughout the industry. Easy-to-use smart tools allow software users to create true-to-life designs with just a few clicks and no previous experience required. The designs can be shared online with vivid screenshots, walkthrough videos, images and the 2D plan to create an immersive customer experience.


“The exciting products and technologies available today in decking, railing, fencing, landscaping, patio pavers, pool and spa as well as landscape lighting, now have the ability to come alive with a simple point and click,” explains NADRA Executive Vice President Michael Beaudry. “This partnership not only enables our members to provide a superior customer experience, it also unifies each segment of the outdoor living industry.”


“NADRA is extremely excited about the partnership with VisionScape”, says Bill Ross, NADRA President “VisionScape is a robust, best-in-class software, with a super quick learning curve, that allows builders to visualize the entire backyard environment for the consumer so that the builder’s creative vision can be seen in its fullness. Participating NADRA members can expect a differentiating competitive advantage, realize a significant increase in sales closing rates and gain access to new streams of revenue.”


As part of this relationship, NADRA will utilize VisionScape’s technology to support the industry with the tools to succeed including, but not limited to, a 3D design gallery to be presented on, exclusive VisionScape webinars and training for NADRA contractors and dealers as well as exclusive manufacturer programs. Additional information about these tools and offerings will be announced throughout the spring 2013 season.


“ We encourage you to join the excitement as we bring the outdoor living industry segments together within a community environment for everyone,” says Beaudry.

Manufacturers, click video below:

To learn more about the Manufacturer program

Please email

All Industry Professionals, click video below:

 To learn more about the VisionScape program please click HERE


NADRA is made up of deck builders, manufacturers, dealers/distributors, wholesalers, retailers, lumberyards and service providers to the deck and railing industry. By working together, we can be one voice for the industry and deliver a clear message to the consumer and the code development bodies. NADRA serves as a trade association with emphasis on safe building practices, and deck safety.


The mission of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) is to provide a unified source for the professional development, promotion, growth, and sustenance of the Deck and Railing building industry in North America so that members can exceed the expectations of their consumer.



VisionScape is the first 3D landscape and outdoor living marketplace crafted to bring all participants of the planning, design and build process together, including consumers, professionals, manufacturers and retailers. VisionScape is a single resource for any landscape and outdoor living project.


The cornerstone of VisionScape’s evolving platform is its groundbreaking 3D design technology, which enables the complete visualization of a landscape and outdoor living project with record-breaking speed and ease.


The Chance of a Lifetime!

by: Michael Beaudry

June 22, 2012 | As many of you know, Legacy Services, LLC is the team that keeps NADRA afloat on a day-to-day basis. Heather has entered Legacy into an application process that could very well award us a $250,000 small business grant. As a father, I am so proud of what my girls have accomplished. The idea behind the grant is to use the funds to build a stronger team to support Legacy’s efforts. Both for the association we serve, and for business solutions that will support other small, family owned businesses just like our own. We will need 250 votes in order to qualify for this grant and we just have a few days. The funding will help us with office space outside of our home, new and efficient office equipment and the means to implement, train and maintain a larger team here at Legacy. Passion is what drives most of us on a daily basis…. and it’s contagious, right?! Please watch this video … will you vote?

As Heather put it:  This isn’t a means to an end for us… this is the beginning of something much bigger than us, and we hope that our passion for doing the right thing catches … like wildfire.

Wait. Wander. Anticipate. Lead. Explore. Smile. Ask Why. Listen. Create. Discover. Dare. Serve. Live. Trust. Cry. Realize. Praise. Make Magic. Care. Thank. Love. Give. Let Go. Soar. Scream. Imagine. Grow.”

How to Vote:

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Login and Support”
  3. Search “Legacy Services, LLC”
  4. Click “Search”
  5. Click “Vote” to the right of our company listing
  6. You can share your vote on your FaceBook page to help spread the word!

Keeping Your Deck in Check

March 12, 2012 | Decks are a great “value add” for residents, but property managers face plenty of risks—including having a deck collapse—if their deck isn’t regularly inspected and maintained. It’s happening more frequently than many property managers and homeowners realize. Between 2003 and 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 224,740 injuries caused by outdoor decks and porches. “What’s happening across this country is an epidemic at this point,” says Michael Beaudry, executive vice president of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA), adding that “in most cases if a deck fails, it’s a matter of neglect.”

The Ledger Connection

Common deck failures include a stair collapsing or a railing giving way. Of all the parts of a deck, “the most notoriously overlooked has been the ledger connection,” says Glenn Mathewson, a former deck builder and technical advisor to NADRA and International Code Council-certified Master Code Professional. The ledger connection is the board that connects the deck to a home or property, which can rot away, causing the deck to completely collapse. But, adds Mathewson, “poor construction and a lack of standards for construction is a large contributor to the problem.”

Not maintaining and regularly inspecting the deck, especially the ledger, puts your deck at risk for a collapse—and puts your occupants at risk for injury. “The lack of maintenance and the lack of knowledge of poor condition of the materials would be a due-diligence risk,” Mathewson says. “It would be like allowing the paint to peel off a house, but with much more drastic results.”

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