Grabber Nails Down HS Fasteners Acquisition

Acquisition adds professional-quality nails and tools to Grabber line of product offerings

September 3, 2010 | Grabber Construction Products, recognized for its professional-grade fasteners and construction products, has made yet another connection. The company announced its acquisition of the Fasteners division of Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company (HS Fasteners). Products from HS Fasteners will now be sold through Grabber’s international distribution system expanding its services and products to customers in the Carolinas and surrounding areas.

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What Can Happen With Poor Deck & Stair Connections

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August 23, 2010 | In a recent article published in The Los Angeles Times, July 6th. of this year, a tragic deck collapse resulting in serious injury and death, is reported. The deck was part of a three story apartment complex in a Birmingham suburb. Seven party-goers is all it took to create this tragic event. Unfortunately, this is an all to common occurrence now days. Reports are continually surfacing, confirming the growing frequency of these serious, life threatening collapses.

Over the past several years, much has been done to address deck and stair safety issues, but we still have a long way to go. One glaring example of the failure in deck and stair safety protocol is the industry standard of permitting “hot dipped galvanized” anchors, screws, hangers and other hardware to be in direct contact with ACQ, pressure treated wood. The galvanic corrosion created between the high copper content of the wood and the galvanizing is so severe that the normal industry standard of G90 galvanizing will corrode in as little as 12 months and G185, such as Z-Max® can be gone in 24 months. The industry (including code officials) has adopted G185 as a fall back position with no engineering testing available to substantiate the validity or longevity of this adoption…..this is a “knee jerk” reaction and is an accident waiting to happen. Without a barrier between the pressure treated wood and galvanized hardware, serious corrosion is inevitable.

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Trex® Partners With Central Region Distributors

NILCO and Weekes Forest Products to Supply Trex® Outdoor Living Products

Winchester, VA – August 19, 2010 | Trex® Company, the nation’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing, is expanding its distributor network in the Central region. NILCO and Weekes Forest Products will now supply Trex® products – such as the new Trex Transcend® high-performance decking and railing collection – to dealer partners in six states.

“We’re pleased to welcome NILCO and Weekes as our newest distribution partners,” said Mitch Cox, vice president of sales for Trex®. “Both companies are well-known for their professionalism and personalized service – and these partnerships will help us to continue supporting our valued dealers and growing business in this key market.”

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Extreme Home Makeover Update

Hamburg, PA – August 12, 2010 | The Extreme Home Makeover show of Berks County, PA is almost complete. The build started approximately on 7/28/2010 and should be completed on 8/04/2010.

Reason for the rebuild was the husband had just graduated with his PHD and was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after. His wife was pregnant at this time as well. After extensive surgeries, medical bills were into the hundreds of thousands for them. On the day of his child’s birth, the husband went out to feed the animals, collapsed, and died from a heart attack. The new family has struggled to survive ever since.

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Tiger Claw Gun/Fastener Package For NADRA Members

Bristol, CT – August 11, 2010 | Tiger Claw today announced a new benefit to NADRA builder members. Tiger Claw will be giving away its popular Tiger Claw pneumatic installation gun and TC-G (TC-150) fasteners to builders of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA). The promotional package includes enough TC-G (TC-150) hidden deck fasteners to cover 50 square feet of deck surface, a TC-G (TC-150) Slot Cutter, two strips of collated pneumatic screws and a Tiger Claw T-shirt.

To qualify, builders must be a current NADRA member and must complete an application on the NADRA website .

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America’s Love Affair with Decks

August 11, 2010 | US decking demand is forecast to grow by nearly 25% – to over $5 billion dollars – by 2013, according to industry leading research firm, The Freedonia Group. Wood will continue to lead the way, representing over 75% of material sold and 56% of sales dollars. More than 60% of decking will go into residential construction, with over 90% of residential demand slated for the improvement or replacement of existing decks.

Gains will be driven by the continued popularity of decks as an outdoor space for entertaining, along with growth in the size of decks preferred by today’s homeowners. Demand for outdoor kitchens, spas, hot tubs, fire pits and other amenities will also grow as consumers extend both the size and the functionality of their outdoor space.

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Deck Collapse Survivors Break Silence

Austin, TX – August 1, 2010 | A man and woman who survived a deck collapse at a condominium in South Austin Sunday morning returned to the scene this afternoon to get their belongings.

“It was like boom boom and then you heard everyone screaming ‘help, help,'” said Erica Hagar, 21, who was among the 30 people on the wooden deck attached to the condominium unit when it collapsed. “It was a nightmare.”

According to police, residents at the Garden Court Condominiums located near Oltorf Street and Sunridge Drive in South Austin, were hosting a party and many of the guests were on the balcony at the time of the collapse.

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DeckExpo Introduces Wood Pavilion

Dallas, TX – July 28, 2010 | DeckExpo 2010 introduces a new feature area in the Exhibit Hall – the Wood Pavilion. The 2010 DeckExpo is scheduled for September 15-17 (classes begin September 14) at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland and is held again in conjunction with Remodeling Show. Owned and produced by Hanley Wood Exhibitions, DeckExpo is officially sponsored by North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) and Professional Deck Builder magazine.

Presented by Real Outdoor Living and sponsored by NADRA, Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, Mendocino Forest Products and Humboldt Redwood, the Wood Pavilion will educate attendees on of the benefits of choosing natural wood as a decking material. This feature area will be a touch-point for all attendees who build primarily with wood products as well as a centralized location for all wood decking-related exhibitors at the show, creating a community and a strong pro-wood presence.

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Letter from NADRA Codes and Standards Committee

July 16, 2010 | Dear Members and Industry:

Having now had some time to regroup after the IRC and IBC code hearings held in Dallas, Texas in May, I am going to share with you some thoughts on code development that affect each of us, whether we are builders, suppliers, or manufacturers.

One of the core reasons for the formation of NADRA in 2005 was to provide a voice for our industry. Since that time we have worked diligently to learn the ropes of the code development process, to participate in the making and changing of code for the benefit of our industry, and to form industry wide relationships and make alliances where possible.

While the term ”code development” has the power to make anyone start thinking about taking a nap, it is crucial that the deck and railing industry not nod-off. Instead, we must be thinking and planning for the future of our industry as relates to code.

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Deck Design Standards, Styles, and Trends

July 7, 2010 | Deck design involves the basic concepts of creating functional space, activity zones, and adapting details and styles that adds interest to blend in with a particular residence. It requires practical approaches to allow for egress areas to provide travel paths that don’t interfere with space usage.

This process involves consultation with a customer and the gathering of physical and visual site information. It requires listening to preconceived ideas a customer may have combined with ideas of your own. It also requires that you understand how a customer will utilize the project and often involves diplomatic guidance on your part to direct the homeowner in a practical and efficient direction. It includes a mix of options that you’re comfortable delivering and ultimately choices that meet the customer’s needs and budget.

Following the mental concept of creating true extensions of the home by designing according to “determining factors” that exist should be a basic guideline for any project we undertake. This includes architectural styles, landscaping, existing yard features, and property angles that affect the overall footprint of a designed project.

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