NADRA New Jersey September 16th Meeting

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NADRA NJ Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 16th at 6pm. Cost is $20 / Member, $25/Non-Member. Please bring cash or check to pay at the door.  Our speaker will be Rich Largman from Empire of Hope “How to work on your business not for your business”

When: Tuesday, Sept. 16th, 6:00pm

Where: Chimney Rock Inn, 800 N. Thompson Ave., Bound Brook, NJ

Speaker: Rich Largman from Empire of Hope “How to work on your business not for your business”

Cost: $20/member, $25/non-member (first two meetings are FREE)

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NADRA Atlanta Chapter Meeting Re-Cap June 2012

June 25, 2012 – Atlanta, GA | I wanted to express my sincere thanks to all of those that came out this past Tuesday evening to the Atlanta Chapter meeting.  It was a great success!  We had 60 attendees, 21 vendor tables and 19 contractors representing a dozen different contracting companies.  I want to especially thank the contractor members for coming out in full support.  The vendors that participated were well pleased with the turn out and it would not have been a successful meeting without you.   I would also like to report that the meeting was a success in terms of building a financial base.  We were able to set aside enough money to ensure the chapter of some working capital as we move forward.

I also wanted to thank Michael Beaudry and Glen Mathewson for their work on the education seminar that took place in Atlanta on May 17th and May 18th.  We had several contractor members attend and they all gave strong reviews of the content and the benefit of the course.  We will soon have several Master Contractor members as they complete the remaining courses.

As I mentioned during the early part of the meeting we are beginning the process of our “Deck for A Solider” build this year.  Scott McCawley  (Dixie Plywood) has agreed to head up this effort and will be working with Frank Pologruto to coordinate the build.  Please contact Scott or Frank if you are interested in participating.  We are looking at the calendar and will initiate the project in late August or early September.

Our next meeting is scheduled for August 21st – time and place to be announced.  Fiberon is sponsoring and we are working on a guest speaker.  Also note that Deck Expo will take place in Baltimore from Oct 9 – Oct 12. We usually have a great turnout from the Atlanta Chapter and I hope this year will be the same. Here is the link for those interested:

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NADRA Atlanta Chapter Meeting Recap

February 23, 2012 | Thanks to all who attended the chapter meeting on Tuesday night. We had 52 attendees with a large number of first time visitors. We had an opportunity to review our platform for the year, look at the calendar of events, introduce the new committees and of course hear from our sponsor and guest speaker. I am excited about all that is in front of us and I am very thankful for so many of you that are helping move us forward.

Special thanks to Bill Sullivan and Azek for sponsoring the meeting and for introducing their new paver product line. Bill, Mike and Azek have always supported the chapter and have been a part of our group since its inception. I also want to give out a very special thank you to Paul Ivey our guest speaker. Paul is the only guest speaker that we have asked to come back to our meetings and once again he did a great job in relating his experience and expertise to our membership. I did want to mention that I thought it was unfortunate that we had some background disturbance during his speaking time. All of our guest speakers come to our meetings willingly giving their time to help us with informative and helpful information to better our individual business. I hope we will all be more respectful of that in the future and give 100% of our attention during their speaking time.

I learned a lot from my first meeting. First, we need more room and we have already begun looking at new spaces. Second, I will commit to a much tighter time frame for the meetings. The social time will start at 5:30 and I will do my best to start the meeting promptly at 6:00 and end no later than 7:30. I want to continue to give plenty of time to socialize before and after the meetings because that is one of the primary benefits of getting together.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the upcoming Atlanta Home Show where NADRA will have a booth. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for the booth time then please contact Scott, James or Bryan.

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NADRA NJ Chapter Meeting Recap

February 22, 2012 | Hello Everyone,

First off, the NADRA NJ Board and I would like to thank everyone for attending the meeting on February 7, 2012 at the Chimney Rock Inn in Bound Brook. We had an excellent turnout for the meeting. Thanks to Robert & Lainie, they put together a fun and informative meeting.

Thank you to Techno Metal Post for sponsoring the NADRA NJ meeting. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Don Delzio gave a very good video and verbal presentation explaining their product, how it is installed and how it can help our builder members. These helical piles are code approved and can be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to install traditional footings. Techno Metal Post calls for the necessary utility mark-outs. The company reviews plans for the proposed deck and then supplies a sealed and certified engineering report that is submitted with the building permit application. These piles can built on as soon as they have been installed and eliminates the need for footing inspections. With no soil to remove, form tubes to place and concrete to pour, these helical piles seem to be a good alternative and are economical as well.

Our speaker for the evening was Jonathan Gray from Budd, Larner P.C. who explained the differences between, and the importance of, Corporations and LLC’s. He also spoke about the differences in the rate of payroll taxes for a corporation vs. an LLC and about stock options for employees.

We discussed and voted on charging a minimal $20 fee for members to attend meetings and waiving any fees for non-members to attend their first two meetings.

Gary Daley explained the education courses that are being offered in Atlantic City that will be needed to obtain theMaster Deck Builder Certification and stressed the importance of the courses.

Jen Sheridan discussed the ABC show in Atlantic City and asked for help with the NADRA booth at the event.

Remember to try to utilize our sponsors and speakers in our businesses.

Let’s all remember everything that Jen has done for NADRA and everyone of us over the past few years. Let’s all pitch in and see what we can do to help out with the booth in Atlantic City.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting in April!


Judy Verblaauw
NADRA NJ Assistant Secretary

Atlanta Chapter October 2011 Meeting Re-Cap

October 25, 2011 | Thanks to everyone that attended last Thursdays Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting.

Special thanks to Greg Mizerack and PMC Building Supply for sponsoring this event. PMC has been a good supporter of our chapter and this was their second sponsorship in the past two years. Greg gave a nice presentation regarding PMC Building Supply’s services and brought along an associate who made a presentation on Feeney Cable Rail.

Special thanks go to Officer Hudson from the Georgia Public Safety Department who served as our guest speaker. His discussion and insight regarding legalities involved in operating commercial vehicles and the requirements pertaining to such was very interesting and helpful. Officer Hudson handled quite the influx of questions from our members and always had the answers. We really appreciate him taking the time to be with us. Thanks to Ginny Tibbetts for making the arrangements for Officer Hudson to attend.

Chapter business included the final discussions regarding our upcoming Deck for a Soldier effort. Keith Compton led the discussion on this and has since met with the homeowner and finalized our efforts with Operation Homefront.

Several of our chapter members who placed in the National Deck Design Awards were mentioned and recognized.

One of the most important events of the night included our BOD offices elections. Both president and vice president seats were in play. This chapter is fortunate to have two members with such ability, commitment, enthusiasm, and class as James Gunning and Keith Compton who were the two names submitted as nominees. Both took the floor for a few minutes each to partake in our version of the Presidential Debates. Each shared their thoughts and reasons for wanting to be involved in the leadership of this chapter.

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Atlanta NADRA Chapter August Meeting Re-cap

September 14, 2011 | Thanks to everyone that attended [our last] meeting and helped with making it a success.

The turn out was great with 52 signing the registry. The McCormick & Schmick facility was a definite step in the right direction although it’s obvious we still need more space. Our chapter apparently made an impression on the staff there as well as the manager has offered to set up a private bar for us at our next meeting since our members just about ran the legs off the servers… lol.

Special thanks go out to Larry Pease and Kevin Magers of Trex for sponsoring our gathering. Larry gave an update on many of Trex’s new products including the porch boards and steel structure components. The presentation and the support and sponsoring of our chapter are much appreciated and it should be pointed out that Trex has strongly supported this chapter since our inception.

Very special thanks to our State Representative Mark Hamilton who was generous enough to spend an evening with us and serve as our key note speaker. He touched on a number of interesting topics including issues that affect our state economically and on the immigrations legislation that is being passed in Georgia. Thanks to Ms. Ginny Tibbett’s for arranging for Mr. Hamilton’s appearance.

Thanks to one of our founding members Frank Palogruto for giving a presentation on “Synergies”. This type of member participation is both appreciated and encouraged. I hope this is the first of many that will volunteer to share thoughts and ideas with our chapter members.

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Atlanta NADRA Chapter August Meeting

August 5, 2011 | Hello Atlanta NADRA Chapter Members

Our next Atlanta NADRA Chapter meeting is just around the corner. It will be held at the McCormick & Schmicks at Perimeter Mall on Tuesday the 16th at 5:30. This facility adds a touch of class and provides us more space, privacy, and other amenities. The food line up will be great as well.
This session is being sponsored by Trex. We have quite an agenda headlined by our Georgia State Representative Mark Hamilton who will be our key note speaker. I believe we’ll all find what he has to share interesting.

We’ll have several in- house business items to cover this time around and we’ll also hear from one of our own contributing members giving a short speak on “Synergies”.
I’d like to ask committee members to share any updates on progress or plans regarding their specific efforts. We’re at a point in the year that hopefully some progress has been made in all areas.
Our Deck for a Soldier effort is coming up soon so I’d like to specifically ask that those members who wish to volunteer to assist with this years Deck for a Soldier Program come prepared to commit to whatever aspects they can lend help with.

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