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January 17th, 2017

January 24th, 2017 UPDATE & Thank You:

Dear NADRA Members and Supporters,

I am extremely pleased to let everyone know that the Northeast Regions Deck for a Soldier® build went very smoothly and was completed in four days.  The build started on Monday, January 16th, 2017 with a crew from three separate builder member companies. We installed the Trex Elevations steel framing, along with the help from several Trex and distributor representatives.  Tuesday was supposed to be a wash-out of a rainy day, but several of us gathered, installed the stairway platform and cut all of the stair stringers.  Wednesday, we had crews from four builder members and we installed the decking, stairways, some fascia trim and the Andersen sliding door.  We also had representatives from Fortress Railings, Fiberon, and AZEK helping out.  Thursday, we had two crews, plus representatives from Trex, Wolf Home Products, Fortress Railings and Excelsior Lumber, Inc. that helped install the last of the fascia trim and the railings.  We were lucky enough to have spiked the interest of a local newspaper and also the TV station News 12, New Jersey. We also received coverage from The Daily Record, you can read more & see photos / video here.

Our Soldier was extremely thankful and really could not believe that a program like ours exists.  He was overwhelmed when wheeled out on the deck for the first time and was able to look around his neighborhood.  Kyle added: “The Deck for a Soldier® program has been top notch. Really great crew. I couldn’t even imagine something like this existed where people are just giving away decks for people but it does,” Chappell says.

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, everyone involved in this project for their time and materials.  Many gave so freely to this project that it was inspiring to all.  I continuously heard the following words, “Whatever you need for this project, just let us know”.  We certainly could not have gotten this project done without the support of the best team in the decking industry.  NADRA Rocks!!


Bruce Verblaauw

NADRA National Deck For A Soldier Committee – Chair Person

Listed below are all of the companies and individuals who donated their time and materials:

Material Donations:

-        Trex Decking & Steel Framing

-        Fortress Railings

-        FastenMaster

-        Simpson Strong Tie

-        Starborn Industries

-        Eastern Engineered Wood Products

-        Excelsior Lumber

-        Abbe Lumber

-        Fox Lumber

-        Zuidema Portable Toilets

-        Boonton Township

-        Jeff Fleischer, Architect

-        Lunch was provided by Trex, CPG/AZEK, Fiberon and the Soldier’s mom

Labor Donations

-        C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC
Bruce Verblaauw

Scott Olson

Melissa Olson

Tommy DeLuise

Miguel Dominguez

Jose Santos

Neal Moran

-        My Deck

Ed Drake

Ben Sherman

-        Barrett Outdoors

Gustavo deLaCruz

-        Deck Remodelers

Chuck Briggs

Cory Bohner

-        Legends Built

Bill Lecorchik

-        All American Decks

Scott Nadrotowski

Robbie Sciacchetano

Steve Daum

-        North Jersey Custom Decks

Joe Onorevole

Mark Onorevole


-        Decks by Kiefer

Bob Kiefer & Helper

-        Trex

Butch Palaza

Tim Schlosser

Mike Ryan

Laura Hays

Jamie Binns

Tim Van Vaketis

-        Manufacturers Reserve Supply

Chris Christakis

Peter King

Weiss Froogh

Sean O’Brien

Jared Noble

-        FastenMaster

Josh Hall

-        Fortress Railing

Craig Dowdy

-        Fiberon

Lainie Sleppin

-        CPG/AZEK

Alan Bensen

Drew Giganti

Kyle McEnroe

-        Wolf Home Products

Paul Kovach

-        Excelsior Lumber

Sophia Bishop

Adam Spratt

-        Mid-State Lumber

Pete Miller

January 18th, 2017 UPDATE:

Well, everything has fallen into place and we were able to start our Deck for a Soldier® build in Boonton Twsp., NJ on January 16th!  The Township has waived the permit fees except for the DCA fee.  We’ve had a local builder member offer to help out and dig the footing holes on Saturday 1/7/17.
We had a footing inspection on 1/11/17 and we completed the pour right after that along with the bottom of the stairway landing. We have several builders lined up to help out with this build for the four days that we anticipate the build to take, but we can always use more.  If anyone else wishes to help out please go online to fill out a pledge form found  here, or contact Bruce V. at  BruceVerb@njdecksandrailings.com.
Thanks to our awesome manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards, all of the necessary materials have been donated.  Be on the lookout for pictures and more on NADRA’s Facebook pageLike us on Facebook
Bruce Verblaauw NADRA National – Deck for a Soldier ® Committee Chair
Cell  201-803-2909





January 4th, 2017 UPDATE: 

We want to start out by wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be starting the Deck for a Soldier® build in Boonton, NJ on January 16th, weather permitting.  This project is located a little way off of Route 287 about 10 minutes north of Morristown, NJ.  This deck will be built using Trex Elevations Steel Framing, so if any of you would like to learn some of the ins and outs of working with this product, please let us know so we can schedule you to volunteer to frame.  Of course we will need help for about 4 days in order to complete this build and help tying up loose end to finish is always needed.  If you have already filled out a labor pledge, please let us know what day(s) that week work best for you or your crew.  We are also hoping to dig and pour the 10 footings required for this deck either late next week or very early the following week so that the concrete has time to cure before we start building.  We would appreciate if we could get a few guys to help dig these footings.  We have some builders but can still use a few more to step up and help out with this build.  If you are interested in helping and have not notified us or completed an online labor pledge, please email us or click on this link We will try to keep a steady flow of help on the project so that we do not have too many workers on any given day.
Thanks to all of our manufacturers, distributors and lumberyards, all of the materials have been accounted for.  The one thing that has not been supplied yet is a Porta-John.
As we hear back from each of you, we will put together a schedule that best fits the needs of the build and will be back in touch with you soon.
Thank you very much for your support and help,
Judy Verblaauw (on behalf of)
Bruce Verblaauw
NADRA National Deck For A Soldier® Committee Chair


December 2016 UPDATE: 

With the holidays just around the corner it is the time of year to think about giving in the old fashioned tradition for the holidays, donating to a great local cause and giving back to the community where we make our living.  The NADRA Deck for a Soldier® program is about to kick off it’s Northeastern build on 1/16/17, weather permitting.  We are planning to get a start right after the first of the year and install the footings prior to this build date.  We have almost all of the materials accounted for except for some concrete form tubes, a Porta-John, and some small hardware.  If anyone can help us with these last few things it would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, we can still use a few more builders to step up and help out with the build.  If anyone can donate time to help out on this project please contact us at bruceverb@njdecksandrailings.com.   You can fill out the online form to make your pledge of material, labor or even a monetary pledge for various unexpected expenses right here.

We will start to send out emails in order to figure out who can help on which day in the near future.  This will keep a steady flow to the project and keep from having too many workers on any given day.

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all.

NADRA Deck for a Soldier® Committee Chair,

Bruce Verblaauw

Phone: (201) 327-7864(201) 236-0393

Email: bruceverb@njdecksandrailings.com

November 16th, 2016

November 16, 2016 Deck for a Soldier® Update:

The New Jersey Deck for a Soldier® build is for a young soldier who served in the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007 – 2011 and was in the Inactive Reserve from 2011 – 2015.  A little over a year ago, he was on his way to work one morning as an electrician apprentice on his motorcycle when he was hit by an elderly gentleman.  He was in a coma for 45 days and was left with nerve damage in his eyes and right leg.  He lost part of his left leg.  His mom had to quit her job to help take care of him.  Friends all joined together to donate money to help him buy a house, but it only has a front entrance and no outdoor living space.  We are planning on installing a sliding door in the kitchen and a deck on the rear of the home to give them a second entrance, as well as, a place to enjoy the outdoors.

We have the deck framing, decking and railings. We are still in need of:

  • A door, The framing, insulation and trim necessary for the door install
  • Wood posts to support the deck
  • Misc. hardware,
  • Lighting
  • Porta-potty
  • Lunch
  • Monetary donations for small items

If you feel moved to help with this project, please go to the NADRA website and fill out the online pledge form, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the design for this project so far:

October 2016, Deck for a Soldier® Update:

NADRA New Jersey volunteers are still looking for additional material, labor and especially, monetary pledges, for the upcoming Deck For A Soldier® project in New Jersey. We do have quite a few decking material pledges but are still in need of some items like hardware, a sliding door, money for permit fees and builders to help with the labor. This build is for a young soldier who did two tours of duty and was severely hurt in a motorcycle accident after he returned home. We are planning to start this build in mid – late December. We are looking for material and labor donations to help with this project. If you would kindly go to the NADRA website and fill out the online pledge form, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Verblaauw
NADRA Deck for a Soldier®/Deck for a Hero® Committee Chair

May 18th, 2015

Our most sincere thanks to our servicemen and women.  We are Proud to announce our Deck for a Solider™ program and YellaWood® brand pressure-treated pine are teaming up this Memorial Day. For each project plan downloaded from May 22-29, YellaWood® will donate $1.00 to our cause!

Learn more and download your plans HERE.



December 22nd, 2014
The New Jersey Chapter of NADRA does it again!!!
Last week our members in New Jersey got together to help a young man (18 years old Mike Nichols) who was severely injured during an Ice Hockey game his senior year in high school.

A little about Mike: “Each day he continues to make progress, not only for himself, but for others as he uses his story to raise awareness about spinal cord injuries and as an advocate for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation’s “Big Idea” campaign in support of epidural stimulation research. “I think the more important goal other than being able to walk or skate or do the things I love to do is helping others who are paralyzed, not only those who are paralyzed, but who are handicapped or disabled,” Mike said. “I know firsthand how difficult it is to live this way. I want to make a difference so that one day there is a world without wheelchairs. I hope to god before I die I can see that happen.

Follow Nichols recovery at mikeystrong23.org and facebook.com/prayformikey23  -Read full article HERE

About the Build: 

This is a special message from your NJ “Deck for a Soldier’ committee members.  We just wanted to let our entire chapter know that the “Deck for Hope” project that a lot of us worked on was a complete success.  This was an easier project including a small deck and a 27′ long ramp to help the recipient gain access to his house.  To the best of our knowledge most of the pressure treated wood materials that we built this deck from were either previously donated or purchased by the family, so we just needed the basic hardware and fasteners.  The project lasted just two and a half days and we must thank a few parties for this quick success.  First there was Jack McNaboe who brought this project to our attention through Jen Sheridan of Phoenix Mfg..  Next we must thank the Monroe Township Football Team for digging the footing holes and then mixing and pouring the concrete in them under the supervision of Jack McNaboe.  The next person who we all must thank was our most crucial person on the front line, the builder who took the lead role on this project, Gustavo delaCruz.  Thank you so much for all of your time and dedication to this project and our NJ Chapter of NADRA.  The next time you see Gustavo, be sure to thank him for everything he did to pull this project together, lead the project while physically working on it as well.  The recipient is an 18 year old boy who was very seriously injured playing ice hockey with his high school team and is now a quadriplegic.  He just completed high school last spring.  He and his parents were so very grateful for our help on this project and expressed it every time we saw them.
Following is a list of Manufacturers who we must thank for their very generous contributions:
  • FastenMaster
  • Simpson Strong-Tie
  • Starborn Industries
Following are the Lumberyards who also made generous contributions:
  • Abbe Lumber
  • Excelsior Lumber
Last but not least are the builders and manufacturer’s reps. who took time out of their busy schedules to help on this build:
  • Gustavo delaCruz – Barrett Outdoors - Team Leader,  Deck for a Soldier Committee Member
  • Bryan Hess – FastenMaster
  • Jeff Mekelburg – FastenMaster
  • Tom O’Rourke – Phoenix Mfg.
  • Pete Miller – Mid State Lumber
  • Dave Ondich – Regal Ideas
  • Bill Lecorchick – Legends Built
  • Lainie Sleppin – LBM Solutions
  • Tim Schlosser – Trex
  • Rick Fennelly – My Deck
  • Jonathan Lascelle – My Deck
  • Jeff Wilkins – CPG, AZEK – TimberTech
  • Alan Bensen – CPG, AZEK – TimberTech
  • Michael Ryan – CPG, AZEK – TimberTech
  • Dan Miles – Miles Decks
  • Kenny Rauber – Parksite
  • Bruce Verblaauw – C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC, Deck for a Soldier Committee Member
A special Thank you goes out to those individuals who donated several days to this project.  Without your generosity this project would not have been completed so quickly!
August 20th, 2014

We had a great turn out last night at The Ivy in Buckhead Georgia.  As the crowd of 40 plus people shuffled in we had some time for to socialize and gather our food and beverages. The meeting started at 6:15 and it was so nice to see our members as well and a few new faces!

We started by going over the Anti-trust Statement. Ginny Tibbets then went over the minutes and we got down to business with the evening sponsor Weyerhaeuser. Mark Barbour talked briefly about his company and then talked about a new product Resysta that they have had some great success with. Jan Spittleburg from JSphotoFX was our guest speaker; Jan gave our members a great schooling on photography.

We quickly went over chapter business, and then the night took a different turn form our usual meeting. Mike Reasons our Atlanta Vice President and I participated in NADRA’s first Deck for a Soldier Ice Bucket Challenge. I challenged Kirk Hammond, Mike Beaudry, and Bill Ross from the National Board. Mike Reasons Challenged: Kevin Waters, Heath Bowman, and David Elenbaum from our local chapter.  The time is ticking and I look forward to seeing how viral this Challenge gets!


Goal of the Challenge:

Click the image to watch video

Rules / Details:

  • Donate $100 to NADRA, to help raise awareness for our Deck for a Soldier Program
  • Video yourself participating in the D4S Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Send Check to:
    • NADRA Headquarters (please make check payable to “NADRA”)
    • P.O. Box 829 Quakertown, PA 18951
  • Online portal will be open soon to accept credit cards – stay tuned.
  • You have 48 hours to complete
  • Nominate (3) other people to participate in the challenge
  • Use Hashtag #D4SIceBucketChallenge
  • Have fun!

“NADRA, doing things for the right reason,

and having fun doing them!”



Challenge Accepted:

Click image to watch video

What a great night!


James Gunning, Atlanta Chapter President and Your NADRA Atlanta Board of Directors

March 4th, 2014

NADRA Atlanta Chapter Meeting Recap                                                                                              February 2014

We opened up the New Year with our initial meeting held at the Ivy in Buckhead last Wednesday February 26th.  It was a great turnout; we had 39 attendees sign in and it was a very strong showing of our Deck Builder members. I want to thank Jon Bailey (Vice President) and Bill Nugent (Director) with Wahoo Decks (www.wahoodecks.com ) for sponsoring the meeting and for their presentation on wahoo’s offerings with a focus on the Dry Joist and Wahoo Rail, with a presentation that showed local jobs and various install applications.  Our Guest speakers for the evening were Debbie Fitzgerald; President of Fitzgerald PR Inc. (www.fitzgeraldpr.com), and Sandy Barth; President of High Profile Group LLC. (www.gohighprofile.com). They did a great job in presenting an overview of how public relations and marketing go hand in hand.  It was very good information and our members will benefit from what we learned as we move through the year.

We started off the evening calling the meeting to order and Mike Reasons read our anti-trust statement. Ginny Tibbets then read the previous meeting minutes and we had a vote. Then we officially announced the 2014 Atlanta Chapter Committee’s:

Membership includes Ginny Tibbets, Greg Mizerak, and Dave Raught

Deck for Solider includes Scott McCawley and Dave Tibbets

Deck Safety/Code includes Mike Reasons, Steve Matrangos, and Kent Fairchild

Marketing includes James Gunning, Bryan Miller, and John Gwaltney

We look forward to our committee’s input and involvement throughout the year.  I also had an opportunity to present the 2014 board members for the upcoming year;

Greg Mizerak -Treasurer

Ginny Tibbets- Secretary

Mike Reason- Vice President

James Gunning- President.

There is a lot of work to be done and I appreciate these members taking a lead role in our chapter for 2014.

Our next meeting will be held on April the 15th.  I will be sending more details on this in the coming weeks.  Thanks again for being a part of our Chapter and each and every one of you make us successful.


Respectfully Submitted,

James Gunning, Atlanta Chapter President

December 17th, 2013
The ribbon cutting ceremony went wonderfully.  It was quite an emotional time.  The Soldier is such a great man and is so very appreciate of this gift that we have given him.
As he said “This is the first time in the past 40 years since I got back from Vietnam that I have felt appreciated”.  Most of us who have spent any time on this build have certainly gained a great friend in this Soldier.
The NADRA NJ chapter would like to thank everyone involved for your generous donations of materials and labor for the NADRA “Deck For A Soldier” project in Mine Hill, NJ.  Because of the tremendous outpouring of help and materials we began the build on Monday, 12/2/13 and completed it on Thursday, 12/5/13. A large part of why we were done so quickly is due to the number of company representatives and builder members that volunteered generous amounts of time and were all so helpful.  As many of us know, this Soldier has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, but is still able to get around and talked with us while we were building.  He took great care of us while we were working and always brought back more than enough food with every breakfast and lunch run he made.

 He is so very appreciative of everything that we have done for him, it has given everyone who met him a wonderful feeling about the project.

Following is a list of all who donated materials:
Techno Metal Post - Footings
Excelsior Lumber - Framing Lumber, Nails & Last Minute Post Bases 
Simpson Strong-Tie - Beam Hangers, Hurricane Ties, Strapping
Wolf Home Products - Decking & Fascia Boards
Hid-Fast - Hidden Fasteners
FastenMaster - LedgerLOKs & Cortex
Screw Products - Color Matched Decking Screws & Galvanized Screws For Framing
Phoenix Manufacturing - Aluminum & Graspable Railing
I-Lighting - Deck Lighting
Huttig Building Products - PVC Lattice
Boise Cascade - PVC Trim Boards
CPG/AZEK/TimberTech - Covered the cost of the Porta-John
Nita Carting, LLC - Garbage Dumpster
Decks Unlimited/Deck2Wall Spacers - Cash Donation – to help cover small parts & hardware
The “Enlisted”:
Excelsior Lumber - Bob Kaslander
Deckscapes - Ken Kroog
My Deck - Nick Toth
FastenMaster - Jeff Wilkins
Fibron - Ted Schrieber
Regal Ideas - Dave Ondich
Barrett Outdoors - Gustavo delaCruz
Mid-State Lumber - Lainie Sleppin
Wolf Home Products - Dave Olexson, Paul Kovach & Amber Skymer
UFP - Bob Lett, Jr.
Deck Remodelers - Raphael Donde, Steve Klein & Kevin Klein
Valhalla Custom Decks - Shawn McConnell & Laura Coyne
CPG/AZEK/TimberTech - Alan Bensen
Sure Drive USA - Jay Lattanzio
Phoenix Manufacturing - Jen Sheridan, Jake Kinion & Julian Elias
Williams Architectural Products – Ed Peterson
C. Verblaauw & Sons, LLC - Bruce Verblaauw, Scott Olson, Melissa Olson, Rudy Lopez, Johnny Lopez, Adam Galarza, Angel Galarza, Frank Triano, Tom DeLuise, Jose Torres & Gerard O’Dell
Food Donations Were Received From: Bagels on the Hill, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds & Joe’s Pizzeria
Read more about Deck for a Soldier by going to the Deck for a Soldier webpage
January 23rd, 2013
Following is a recap of Tuesday night’s meeting at Chimney Rock Inn.  We had a nice large group in attendance and it was great to see everyone again.  Marty Coffey opened the meeting and as we all introduced ourselves it was great to hear that most members plan on attending our Deck Awards Dinner. We also have quite a few builders entering the competition.  Thank you in advance to WOLF, Mid-State Lumber and TREX who have already signed up for sponsorship!!
  • Enter the Deck Competition by clicking here:  Entry Forms Deadline is fast-approaching! January 25th! 
  • Become a Sponsor of the NJ Chapter Deck Competition Awards Dinner: Sponsor Form
  • To Register For NJ Chapter Awards Dinner, Register HERE For Dinner Deadline is Feb 11th, 2013
We had a few new members and prospects in attendance.  I would like to thank our new members Mike Nocar from Niece Lumber, Mark Skove from Old School Contracting, Ernest Brackett and Greg Pekaas from Techno Metal Post, all for coming out.  It was great to meet you all and we hope to see you again real soon!  It was also nice to meet new prospective members James Day from Artisan Builders Group and Chris Masterson from Masterson Construction
Thank you TimerTech for sponsoring this meeting and Brad from CDS for standing in for Mike Schwartz who unfortunately was not able to attend.
We discussed the need to redistribute the Deck for a Soldier flyer and also distribute a Deck Awards flyer.  I have attached them both to this recap in case you do not have them.  Please print out and distribute them freely!!
Thank you Dan Miles for all of your great tips about photography.  I think we all learned something from your presentation from the time of day to take the photos, getting releases from the customers to going back after three months to inspect the deck and take more pictures.
We can’t wait to see you all at the Deck Awards Dinner on Feb. 21, 2013 at Ariana’s Grand in Woodbridge, NJ.   Don’t forget that the deadline for dinner registration is Feb. 11, 2013.
NADRA Rocks!!!!!

Judy Verblaauw

NADRA NJ Secretary 

December 19th, 2012

NADRA Atlanta Chapter – December 2012 Meeting Re-Cap

It was a great Year End event for our Chapter this past Wednesday evening at the Maggiano’s , Cumberland and thanks to all who attended. We had 70+ attendees and several guests including our “Deck For a Solider” recipients – Sergeant Michael Dickerson and his wife Jessica.  I want to thank Kirk Hammond with Lonza for sponsoring the meeting and for his comments pertaining to our chapter and his involvement with the National Board. .  Our guest speaker was John Gordon, The Director of Strategic  Accounts for the Home Depot.   John’s presentation was informative and eye opening as he related some principals of operating with Integrity and also gave insight into the current market conditions and an encouraging look toward future market direction.

We started off the evening by hearing from Jeffrey Johnson and David Elenbaum.  Jeff shared information on a nonprofit that he is working on and David shared some of the directives and happenings from the recent National Board meeting. I then had the opportunity to review the past year and highlighted many of the activities and events that our Chapter participated in.  We had a great year as a chapter and it was a pleasure to review all that we accomplished.  I want to thank all of our sponsors during the past year:  Azek (Bill Sullivan), Duradek (Norm Shafer), Fiberon (James Gunning), Trex (Larry Pease), and Lonza (Kirk Hammond).  We could not have executed our plan this past year without your help and we are all grateful for each of you stepping up and contributing.  We celebrated our third Deck For A Solider build and presented certificates to the 27 entities and individuals that participated.  We also introduced Sergeant Dickerson and his Wife Jessica and thanked them for their service and sacrifice.  I strongly believe that D4S is the best thing we do as a chapter and want to thank all of you for giving so much to this endeavor.  We held our first “Toys For Tots” drive this year and it was an overwhelming success.  I want to give special thanks to Frank Pologruto for putting this effort together and heading it up.  Frank and I delivered close to 200 toys to the center yesterday and I am hopeful that we can make this effort an annual event.

Our next meeting will be held in February of 2013 – time, place and date to be determined.  We are looking for speakers and sponsors for next year and our Leadership group will be meeting in January to put the plan together so if you are interested in sponsoring or if you have any ideas, speaker thoughts, or anything that you would like for us to focus on please contact me.  Thanks again for being a part of our Chapter and for all that each of you do to make us successful.

Hoping that each of you have a Blessed and Happy Holiday Season.

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Compton / Atlanta Chapter President

August 1st, 2011

August 1, 2011 | Hello everyone!

I hope you are all beating the heat and having a wonderful summer!

I know a bunch of us had an overwhelming response to helping out a soldier whom lost both legs to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan when we first heard about it at a previous NADRA meeting. Yes, I do know this is our busy time of the year and believe me, I could use an extra few hours, let alone a few days. However, I plan to help out no matter what. This soldier sacrificed his life for OUR freedom. One or two days out of my life fails to compare to what Lt. Colin Pascik (23 years old) gave up to keep America safe.

This time, the build will not be as labor intensive. Homes for our Troops has already poured the footings and framed the 11′ x 32′ deck (not to mention getting all of the inspections, etc). We just need to do the ramp, decking, and railings. Also, this time the ramp is much easier as it is a 30′ straight ramp. We are working on getting the rest of the the material donated. I believe Azek was already at this job site for the decking. We certainly have a lot of railing companies involved with NADRA also (I know Phoenix would love to donate railings and volunteers to install too), so railings will not be a problem. We just need some volunteers!!! Everything is ready to go. The home is in Monroe Township and the official ribbon cutting is in September, so we need to get this completed at the latest by mid August. I would like to schedule our part of the build to start Aug 8th if we can get all of our materials in time.

Here is a tentative list of what we need:
   • Volunteers!
   • Roughly 450 sq ft of decking
   • Fasteners for decking
   • Roughly 110 lf of railing
   • 80 lf of 1-1/2″ round handrail with hardware
   • Possibly some more footings
   • Concrete
   • Possibly some 4×4′s and other pt wood

Please respond to me and let me know if you are still interested in volunteering or donating. This WILL happen but I would love it if the NADRA NJ Chapter can get it done! Remember, this is the first year our chapter has not done a Deck for a Soldier!!!!

It has been one of the most fulfilling and inspirational programs that I have personally ever been involved with. I know those that have already been involved feel the same way. We hope to have some new volunteers this year. This really should be a very quick build. So we are only talking a few days for the build. Will you help? Please spread the word on this. Forward this e-mail to as many people as you can. I have a new hosting service and have not had the chance to update my e-mails to include all of my old NADRA contacts.


Jennifer Sheridan
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Cell: 732-567-5555
Ph: 732-380-1666