NADRA NJ November Meeting Recap

Hi Everyone,

Following is a recap of November’s NADRA NJ Chapter meeting.  We had a very good meeting and we would like to thank everyone for attending.  We had an excellent turn out considering the hardships so many have endured following Hurricane Sandy.  We had a few new builders in attendance and we gladly welcomed them.   Our speaker, Darren Slaughter spoke about websites.  He gave many ideas and suggestions on how to optimize your website and get the most out of it.   We discussed where to hold the Holiday party and decided on the Verblaauw’s home.  We have a few options for Deck for A Soldier; helping out a Soldier who lost his home in the Hurricane.  We also brought up the idea of building a Deck for Recovery for an organization affected by the Hurricane.  Our sponsors for the meeting were Trex, Tim Schlosser and Doug Lind.   Thank you Tim and it was so nice that Doug flew in from Colorado to talk about Elevations.   Tim told us that Trex Accents will be discontinued, showed us the new railing that was introduced as well as a new fascia product.  Doug explained the Elevations framing.  He explained the Code approvals.  He also explained that using Elevations extend the labor warranty from 2 years to 5 years for Trex Pro contractors.  He showed us the new stair system that they have implemented for the Elevations framing.
Our next meeting is tentatively planned for Tuesday January 15, 2013.
We hope everyone has a nice holiday season!!!!
Thank you,
Judy Verblaauw

NADRA NJ Secretary

NADRA NJ Chapter – Meeting Recap

August 21, 2012 | Hi Everyone,

Following is a recap of last week’s NADRA NJ Chapter meeting that was held at the Chimney Rock Inn.  We had a good turn out and Marty did a great job leading the meeting as our new Chapter president.  We welcomed a few new members to our chapter, Brianne Franchi & Adam Copel from Xpanse and also Mike Segal from Premier Home Improvements

Wolf Distributing was our sponsor for the evening.  Jeff Sherwood spoke about the new products that Wolf has introduced and passed around samples.  He explained how all hidden fastener systems work with their products.  Jeff passed out some literature about the materials of which their products are constructed and also a rebate form, which we have attached to this email.  A special thanks to Wolf for supporting our local NJ chapter of NADRA.

Marty told us all a little about himself.   He passed out questionnaires for everyone to fill out.   We had a 50/50 raffle and gave away a few door prizes.  We discussed Deck for a Soldier and the lack of an applicant so far.  We will be trying to distribute the flyers again.  We discussed the different committees that we wanted to form and explained the duties of each.  Volunteers helped to fill the positions needed for these committees and they are as follows:

Lainie Sleppin – Leader
Brianne Franchi – Asst.
Judy Verblaauw – Asst.

Deck For A Soldier
Gus Delacruz – Leader
Bruce Verblaauw – Asst.
Marty Coffey – Asst.
Jen Sheridan – Asst.

Deck Awards
Jen Sheridan – Leader
Judy Verblaauw – Asst.
Gus Delacruz – Asst.
Robert Lascalle – Asst.
Bari Siano – Asst.

Chad Mickley – Leader
Dan Miles – Asst.
Bill Lecorchik – Asst.
Jeff Bader – Asst.
Gus Delacruz – Asst.

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NADRA NJ Chapter Meeting Re-Cap June 2012

June 26, 2012 | The NADRA NJ Board would like to thank everyone that attended the meeting on June 12th, 2012 at the Chimney Rock Inn.  We had a decent turnout and had a very good meeting.  Mike and Jenny Beaudry made the trip out to attend, as well.  It was great to have them there.  Thanks for coming out, guys!!

Thank you WPFailSafe for sponsoring the NADRA NJ meeting.  Alan Weiner explained all of the components of the collapsible concrete footer form and demonstrated how easily they can be assembled.  We even had a friendly competition between builders to see who could do it the fastest.  Congratulations, Dan Miles!!!

Our speaker for this meeting was Kim Griffin from Griffin Consulting Partners.  The main topic was the importance of communication.  She explained the different types of mediums used and also the components and strategies of good communication.

Bill Lecorchik did a quick recap of the last term of the outgoing board members and thanked them for all that they have done.  We voted in the new board members – Marty Coffey for President, Bill Lecorchik for Treasurer and Judy Verblaauw for Secretary.  Marty also appointed Dan Miles as Vice President.  Marty spoke a little about his goals for his term as president and following is a statement from our new president:

“I would like to thank Rob and Lainie for their service.  We are depending on their guidance in the near future.  I couldn’t ask for a better team than the team in place now.

We recently purchased a show booth set up for conventions to be used at NADRA events.   We need a volunteer with some space we can use to set it up and change the signage. The booth is 20’ long X 8’ high.  It is now packaged in 4 large crates. If you have the space …call Marty ASAP at 732 895 3279.

We are planning a fishing trip.  We will send an email with the specifics.  I hope everyone can join us…it will be a lot of fun.

Don’t miss the next chapter meeting in August.   We will have door prizes, 50/50, questionnaire to learn what you want from NADRA and will be creating committees.

Thank you.

Martin Coffey”

Our next meeting will be on August 14th at The Chimney Rock Inn.  We hope to see everyone then!!

NADRA NJ Chapter Meeting Recap

February 22, 2012 | Hello Everyone,

First off, the NADRA NJ Board and I would like to thank everyone for attending the meeting on February 7, 2012 at the Chimney Rock Inn in Bound Brook. We had an excellent turnout for the meeting. Thanks to Robert & Lainie, they put together a fun and informative meeting.

Thank you to Techno Metal Post for sponsoring the NADRA NJ meeting. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Don Delzio gave a very good video and verbal presentation explaining their product, how it is installed and how it can help our builder members. These helical piles are code approved and can be installed in a fraction of the time that it takes to install traditional footings. Techno Metal Post calls for the necessary utility mark-outs. The company reviews plans for the proposed deck and then supplies a sealed and certified engineering report that is submitted with the building permit application. These piles can built on as soon as they have been installed and eliminates the need for footing inspections. With no soil to remove, form tubes to place and concrete to pour, these helical piles seem to be a good alternative and are economical as well.

Our speaker for the evening was Jonathan Gray from Budd, Larner P.C. who explained the differences between, and the importance of, Corporations and LLC’s. He also spoke about the differences in the rate of payroll taxes for a corporation vs. an LLC and about stock options for employees.

We discussed and voted on charging a minimal $20 fee for members to attend meetings and waiving any fees for non-members to attend their first two meetings.

Gary Daley explained the education courses that are being offered in Atlantic City that will be needed to obtain theMaster Deck Builder Certification and stressed the importance of the courses.

Jen Sheridan discussed the ABC show in Atlantic City and asked for help with the NADRA booth at the event.

Remember to try to utilize our sponsors and speakers in our businesses.

Let’s all remember everything that Jen has done for NADRA and everyone of us over the past few years. Let’s all pitch in and see what we can do to help out with the booth in Atlantic City.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting in April!


Judy Verblaauw
NADRA NJ Assistant Secretary

NADRA NJ Chapter – D4S Volunteers Needed!

August 1, 2011 | Hello everyone!

I hope you are all beating the heat and having a wonderful summer!

I know a bunch of us had an overwhelming response to helping out a soldier whom lost both legs to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan when we first heard about it at a previous NADRA meeting. Yes, I do know this is our busy time of the year and believe me, I could use an extra few hours, let alone a few days. However, I plan to help out no matter what. This soldier sacrificed his life for OUR freedom. One or two days out of my life fails to compare to what Lt. Colin Pascik (23 years old) gave up to keep America safe.

This time, the build will not be as labor intensive. Homes for our Troops has already poured the footings and framed the 11′ x 32′ deck (not to mention getting all of the inspections, etc). We just need to do the ramp, decking, and railings. Also, this time the ramp is much easier as it is a 30′ straight ramp. We are working on getting the rest of the the material donated. I believe Azek was already at this job site for the decking. We certainly have a lot of railing companies involved with NADRA also (I know Phoenix would love to donate railings and volunteers to install too), so railings will not be a problem. We just need some volunteers!!! Everything is ready to go. The home is in Monroe Township and the official ribbon cutting is in September, so we need to get this completed at the latest by mid August. I would like to schedule our part of the build to start Aug 8th if we can get all of our materials in time.

Here is a tentative list of what we need:
   • Volunteers!
   • Roughly 450 sq ft of decking
   • Fasteners for decking
   • Roughly 110 lf of railing
   • 80 lf of 1-1/2″ round handrail with hardware
   • Possibly some more footings
   • Concrete
   • Possibly some 4×4’s and other pt wood

Please respond to me and let me know if you are still interested in volunteering or donating. This WILL happen but I would love it if the NADRA NJ Chapter can get it done! Remember, this is the first year our chapter has not done a Deck for a Soldier!!!!

It has been one of the most fulfilling and inspirational programs that I have personally ever been involved with. I know those that have already been involved feel the same way. We hope to have some new volunteers this year. This really should be a very quick build. So we are only talking a few days for the build. Will you help? Please spread the word on this. Forward this e-mail to as many people as you can. I have a new hosting service and have not had the chance to update my e-mails to include all of my old NADRA contacts.


Jennifer Sheridan
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Cell: 732-567-5555
Ph: 732-380-1666

You’re Invited: Parksite Contractor Night!

Click the image to download a PDF of the invitation!

Happy New Year From The NADRA NJ Chapter!

January 3, 2011 | It’s time for our first NJ Chapter NADRA Meeting of 2011! Please join us in starting a new year. We have so many things to look forward to in decking this year…new colors, new accessories, even more involvement from manufacturers and distributors than before, an organization that gets stronger and better with every new member and so much more!!

Deck season starts now!!! Yes, there may be snow on the ground. Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner may not be thinking of their brand new deck at this minute. Planning starts now. Be ready when the weather breaks, be ready for the phone to ring. It’s time to be proactive in growing your business and that starts with your participation in your local NADRA Chapter.

Our first meeting of 2011 will be:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Held at:

Myles F. Kelly, Inc/Chatham
100 Summit Ave.
Chatham, NJ 07928

Please RSVP to me (Bari Siano) at 973-464-4373 or or Lainie Sleppin at 973-943-3496 or Please RSVP no later than Jan. 10 to ensure a proper head count.

We look forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget ‘The Power of One’–if everyone brings one potential new member, our growth is limitless. Bring a potential new member!1

NADRA NJ Chapter 2010 Deck Award Ceremony

The New Jersey Chapter of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) hosted it’s second annual Deck Awards Ceremony at the Hilton Garden Inn in Edison, NJ on March 18, 2010. With close to 100 people in attendance consisting of deck builders, manufacturers, distributors, lumberyards, and other guests, the room was building with excitement and anticipation as the dinner ended and the awards ceremony began. After the NJ Chapter Board of Directors welcomed the guests, a short presentation was shown highlighting NADRA’s Deck for a Soldier® Program. The NJ Chapter honored a few of the key people that were instrumental in getting the deck and ramp built for a young soldier who lost both legs in Iraq. After the touching tribute, our platinum sponsor, Trex, spoke to the group. They spoke about new features on their site, new products and how excited they were to be a part of the NADRA Deck Awards.

The NADRA NJ Chapter Members were encouraged to submit photos of their previously completed deck projects and a panel of judges rated the decks based on certain criteria. There were six categories for the awards. Best Low Maintenance Deck Under 500 SF was awarded to Gary Daley of DeckBuilder Custom Decks & Railings. Best Low Maintenance Deck Over 500 SF was awarded to Gus de la Cruz of Barrett Decking. Best Natural Deck Under 500 SF was awarded to Sean McAleer of Deck Remodelers. Best Natural Deck Over 500 SF was awarded to Jeff Bader of Deck Pros. Best Deck Feature was an Outdoor Kitchen presented to Bill Lecorchick of Heritage Decks and lastly the Best Overall Deck was awarded to Sean McAleer of Deck Remodelers. Congratulations to all the winners!

After the awards were given out, the NJ leaders thanked the Awards Dinner sponsors: Trex, Myles F. Kelly, AZEK, Mid-State Lumber, and Boise Cascade, the guest judges, the Deck Awards committee, and the team at NADRA HQ for all of their help in making the night a tremendous successful. Part of what made this event so enjoyable was the camaraderie that is shared even among competitors in the industry through being a part of NADRA.

Jennifer Sheridan
Phoenix Manufacturing
NJ Chapter Board Secretary

You can view some photos from the event below…

New Jersey Builders Complete Deck For A Soldier

Union Beach, NJ – November 2009 | Members of the New Jersey chapter of the North American Deck and Railing Association (NADRA) recently completed their 2nd annual “Deck for a Soldier®” (D4STM) charity project, continuing a national movement by the association to recognize those who have sacrificed for America. The deck project includes an extensive handicap ramp built for Army SSG Michael Minard. The NADRA chapter worked hand-in-hand with Homes For Our Troops, who are building a home to accommodate SSG Minard, his wife Lynda, and his two daughters, Kayla, 8, and Brooke, 2.

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