NADRA’s Beloved Deck for a Soldier® program gets a new look!

It’s been 10 years since the first D4S build. Time sure does fly by. One of the goals on NADRA’s strategic plan set for 2018, was to create a new logo for the beloved Deck for a Soldier® program.

The new logo was completed ahead of schedule & we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

The best part? A second logo was created for all NADRA members who make a pledge and support the program. An exclusive “Proud Supporter” logo will be available to current members in the coming weeks. The D4S committee will be organizing this project and sending the logos soon. They will be available in color, black and white.

If you haven’t made a pledge, but would like to, you can fill out the form here.  It is important for you to fill out this pledge form so your information goes into the Deck for a Soldier® database. For those of you that pledge, please feel free to market the fact that you support NADRA’s Deck for a Soldier® program. This can help you market your products while you help us market this great program. You can also find sponsorship opportunities on the pledge form at the bottom. Monetary pledges are very much needed at this time. Please consider this option when making your pledge. A 2018 Proud Supporter logo will be sent to all members who make a pledge.

Thank you in advance for supporting this great cause that is very near to all of our hearts!

NADRA, Deck for a Soldier® Update – New Jersey

November 16, 2016 Deck for a Soldier® Update:

The New Jersey Deck for a Soldier® build is for a young soldier who served in the Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007 – 2011 and was in the Inactive Reserve from 2011 – 2015.  A little over a year ago, he was on his way to work one morning as an electrician apprentice on his motorcycle when he was hit by an elderly gentleman.  He was in a coma for 45 days and was left with nerve damage in his eyes and right leg.  He lost part of his left leg.  His mom had to quit her job to help take care of him.  Friends all joined together to donate money to help him buy a house, but it only has a front entrance and no outdoor living space.  We are planning on installing a sliding door in the kitchen and a deck on the rear of the home to give them a second entrance, as well as, a place to enjoy the outdoors.

We have the deck framing, decking and railings. We are still in need of:

  • A door, The framing, insulation and trim necessary for the door install
  • Wood posts to support the deck
  • Misc. hardware,
  • Lighting
  • Porta-potty
  • Lunch
  • Monetary donations for small items

If you feel moved to help with this project, please go to the NADRA website and fill out the online pledge form, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the design for this project so far:

October 2016, Deck for a Soldier® Update:

NADRA New Jersey volunteers are still looking for additional material, labor and especially, monetary pledges, for the upcoming Deck For A Soldier® project in New Jersey. We do have quite a few decking material pledges but are still in need of some items like hardware, a sliding door, money for permit fees and builders to help with the labor. This build is for a young soldier who did two tours of duty and was severely hurt in a motorcycle accident after he returned home. We are planning to start this build in mid – late December. We are looking for material and labor donations to help with this project. If you would kindly go to the NADRA website and fill out the online pledge form, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Verblaauw
NADRA Deck for a Soldier®/Deck for a Hero® Committee Chair

Get Involved And Make A Pledge!

November 2, 2011 | Heather Beaudry, NADRA’s National Program Coordinator, ended the annual NADRA meeting and awards ceremony by challenging each person in the room to make a pledge. Most of you have heard of NADRA programs like education and the master deck builder certification. You’ve heard about deck safety month, code, testing and NADRA’s Deck for a Soldier® program. You love the ideas; you want to stand behind them. You want to be part of the passion. But more than likely, you attend NADRA events and shows like DeckExpo leaving with new prospects and reaffirmed customers. You leave with great memories and a renewed sense of enthusiasm for our industry… and that’s great. But we’re asking for more.

Take what you have seen and heard from NADRA’s annual meeting, take what you’ve learned from being involved with your industry association and Pass it on. Make a pledge.

What’s a pledge? “…it’s a solemn promise or undertaking.” Here is a list of some examples:

• Make a pledge to lend your creative team to NADRA
• Make a pledge to send NADRA’s eNews (the Industry brief and The BUZZ) to all of your contacts
• A pledge to add NADRAs logo to your marketing and packaging
• How about a pledge to help us with PR and distribution?
• A pledge to get your engineers involved in code
• Make a pledge to sign up just one new member!
• A pledge to have each of your representatives join NADRA under the branch category
• A pledge to support NADRAs 2012 regional education tour
• A pledge to donate your air mileage to help offset travel expenses
• Make a pledge to do the right thing… for the right reason.. and have some fun doing it!
• If you are not a NADRA member, make a pledge to join!

So, in the days and weeks ahead, fill out a pledge form. Call headquarters and talk to the team. Tell us more about yourself and your company and let’s work together… because a small pledge from each of you will make all the difference. It’s called… The Power of One.

Click here to download the pledge form.